Helen of desTroy on INN World Report with Tom Kiely, discussing the grand existential crisis that has our culture quivering in a neurotic ball in the corner. "Hate Speech" has erected an electric fence around political discourse forcing us to declare, 1984-style, that Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength, and War is Peace - or else. The sociopaths running Big Tech have willingly placed themselves in the service of these ideologies, playing the "good censor" and weaponizing our social lives to hoover up millions of data points to more effectively track us, plot our behavioral trajectories, and ultimately predict our actions better than we can. The only release valve open to us is to embrace the culture of the victim and declare ourselves members of one or another protected class to be spared the worst of Big Sibling's authoritarian sadism.

"Larger than life and twice as ugly - if we have to live there you'll have to drug me," indeed.

also made a brief appearance on the Gary Null Show to outline the establishment media's massive faceplant on the Covington Catholic "controversy" - how "the paper of record" and its peers made the decision to consciously jettison fact-checking, journalistic integrity, and common decency in order to feed the all-powerful narrative of Trump supporters as privileged, smirking bigots who can't even let a nice old Native man sing the songs of his ancestors without smearing their toxic white masculinity all over the whole thing. Two Minutes Hate, anyone? For the last time, 1984 was NOT AN INSTRUCTION MANUAL. As a journalist, I'm utterly disgusted by the media's rush to doxx, threaten, and otherwise shred a group of high school boys who committed no crime beyond having the wrong facial expression.