the Great Deplatforming - social media's "ethnic cleansing" of alternative media accounts and commentators for violations of increasingly opaque prohibitions on "hate speech" - is part and parcel of a general trend toward pathologizing extreme emotions.

Hate is a very real and valid part of being human. i'm not referring to bigotry - hating an entire ethnic group, race or religion is lazy and ignorant - but properly-directed hate, against a person or group who has wronged you, can be a powerful motivating factor. Hate can actually inspire people to make positive changes in their lives and societies. Sometimes it is the only thing that can inspire people to act.

Hate is only one of several strong feelings Big Tech's ruling class puppeteers would like to see struck from our emotional vocabulary. Big Pharma has pathologized anxiety even as the media feeds us a steady stream of fear propaganda, ensuring we cannot react in a normal way to these stimuli. And don't forget sadness, which those same pharmaceutical interests have reclassified as depression and removed from what is often an instigating situational context so as to be more easily dispelled with a pill. Never mind that emptiness at the core of your life - just paper over it and put a smile on your face - after all, you live in the Best Country in the World [tm]!

Whatever you do, don't get angry at all this injustice wrapped in bullshit - anger is a big no-no. Never mind that venting your anger appropriately can be empowering, that rage can also be a powerful motivating force for change - better bottle it up and pretend all is well. 

Strong emotion is so 20th century. Emotions are part of what makes us human, but who really wants to be human anymore? Embrace the beige. #PodPeople2020 #indefenseofhate

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 In this second episode of Unsafe Space, we illuminate the gaping logical hole in the capitalist argument that if only we had perfectly free markets, we'd all be swimming in joyous plenty (hint: humans have no place in a "perfect market" - and that goes for socialism, too). We observe how neoliberal capitalism has made a disastrous mess of healthcare and education and how the profit motive is totally unrelated to societal advancement. In part 2, we discuss the ideological reversal that has turned liberals into fanatical thought police, allying themselves with their natural enemies in the FBI and CIA as well as their corporate cronies in Big Tech. We analyze Trump Derangement Syndrome and where it is really coming from, offering common sense solutions to the immigration crisis and other seemingly intractable issues.

Thanks to the Great Deplatforming, I've set up a BitChute channel to mirror my videos. If YouTube decides I'm a menace to society, you can find my videos there.

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Disaffected liberals have been "walking away" from the Democratic Party en masse, realizing it exists only to serve its corporate donors without regard for its base, whom it takes for granted (assuming they can't go anywhere else - what are they gonna do, vote Republican?). Conservatives are in the same boat, with the Republican Party having crawled so far up the asses of Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brothers that there's no hope for policies that actually help the American people. I believe that the actual voters in both parties - those capable of thinking for themselves, who vote only reluctantly for the least terrible of major-party candidates - have more in common with each other than they do with their party establishment. Where do we go from here? Do we need to tear the whole thing down and start over, and if so, are we prepared to finish the job? If not, how can we effect meaningful change within the current electoral system, which is hideously rigged against third parties in its current form? Suggestions welcome.

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(or you can hear the original with commercials here)

Helen Buyniski on INN World Report with Tom Kiely discussing the US border crisis, the naked emotional manipulation of the American media establishment, Russiagate, Trump derangement syndrome, the ideological reversal that has hijacked liberalism, the identity politics trap, the revival of nationalism, the Frankfurt School's revenge, neoliberal cannibalism, spiritual warfare, "& so much more." Originally aired 17 Jul 2018 on Logos Radio Network.

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In Part 1 of Unsafe Space, Helen and Vox diagnose the malady afflicting the liberal class, analyzing how and why the Left seems to have lost its way (or been led astray). We dissect neoliberal capitalism's permeation into the fabric of our society and how even alternative media present a false choice between capitalism and communism/socialism despite the impossibility of either existing in a pure form untouched by human variables. We track the media establishment's development of a colonial-administrative model for more efficient control (where they correctly reason that viewers are more likely to trust an anchorliar from their own minority group), and explain why liberals should resist the hijacking of their erstwhile ideology by the small but vocal minority of social-justice-warrior pod people sent into the Left to destroy it. 

Part 2 analyzes the persistence of obviously false media narratives despite mounting proof of their falsehood - does the ruling class think we're stupid, apathetic, or just paralyzed with learned helplessness? There is a clear movement toward clamping down on primary sources - anyone who watches an interview with Bashar al-Assad, or reads the WikiLeaks embassy cables, can tell in a second that the establishment's Syria narrative is false, for example - but even without those sources the lies are obvious and so frequently recycled they'd be humorous if they didn't result in actual human suffering. We also talk about the increasing terror levels required to sustain a baseline of fear in the American populace - where do you go from ISIS?

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