As Democrats & Republicans fight to have their hands on the wheel the day the US finally implodes, the last few constitutional rights we thought we had are revealed to be little more than vaporware. So, same as last week. Move along, nothing to see here.


April 1: Biden defenders say women have no right to personal space; Supreme Court says condemned have no right to painless death; Google says users have no rights, period

Biden spox cries conspiracy as more accusers take Creepy Joe to task

*Google AI 'ethics council' collapses from...lack of ethics

Supreme Court rules condemned murderer has no right to painless death


April 2: "Intelligence agencies" is the most ironic misnomer in history: a tragicomedy in 3 parts

Secret service arrests "Chinese spy" after letting her roam around Mar-a-Lago unimpeded

Papadopoulos says truth will soon come out about Deep State culpability in Russiagate

Former spies sue intelligence agencies for right to publish books about their careers


April 3: Facebook wants your email password, Democrats want your integrity, & higher ed. just wants your soul

*Facebook asks users for email passwords - what could go wrong?

*Post-Russiagate Dems elaborately dance around real issues to place hopes in Trump tax returns

Kansas University offers "Angry White Males" course, making white males angry

FAA forms joint review panel with NASA and foreign regulators to probe Boeing failures


April 4: Petrodollar's days numbered; Assange under siege; US spied on Huawei to 'prove' Huawei spying on US; Cohen tries to lie his way out of jail

Saudis prepare to dump petrodollar if US allows OPEC antitrust bill to go forward

Assange supporters mobilize after news he will be booted from Ecuadorian embassy

US used secretive FISA court to spy on name of preventing Huawei from 'spying' on US

Cohen pulls 14 million files out of his ass a hat in hail-Mary bid for get-out-of-jail-free card

Freedom from religion advocates demand alternative to Mississippi's 'In God We Trust' license plates


April 5: War criminals & their enablers get snuggly; full speed ahead on kiddie sexual derangement 

Obama & Merkel 4eva: Former prez visits soon-to-be former chancellor to giggle about war crimes, get paid

Kids as young as 8 now getting cross-sex hormones in gov't sponsored transgender research

Rhode Island teachers' unions oppose criminalization of sex with students