Surprise! 'murican my-way-or-the-highway "diplomacy" failed to assuage Kim Jong-un's fears of ending up like Muammar Gaddafi - disarmed with promises of sanctions relief, then anally raped with a bayonet. Trump's desire for a Nobel prize does not outweigh his desire to serve his neocon ziofascist masters. The most unforgivable thing an American leader can do is to end a war - that's why we're in 134 of them. Clearly, the solution is to censor all information about it before someone gets upset!


February 25: Facebook censors converted, traumatized; hate crime hoaxers get crispy; Haley's thoughtless think tank

Facebook's 3rd-party censors believe what they're paid to squash - or get PTSD

LGBT activist torched own house to fan flames of controversy

Nikki Haley takes the "think" out of "think tank" with new jingoistic policy group


February 26: House Dems want to save the world without offending AIPAC; IBM & Marines step in race trap

House Dems implore Trump to end Korean War for real

House Dems say no to Trump's border emergency

Senate Republicans block attempt to stop funding Saudis' Houthi genocide 

IBM wants to know if job applicants are 'colored' or 'mulatto'

Marine under investigation for 'Nazi'-sympathetic tweets


February 27: Cautious optimism in Hanoi, shameless media-whoring & fearmongering at home

Kim willing to consider denuclearization, diplomatic relations after Hanoi talks

Senate committee claims China indoctrinating Americans in schools & won't let State Dept reciprocate

Cohen warns Trump won't leave peacefully if defeated in 2020

Maffick Media returns to Failbook saddled with Orwellian 'warning'

Turkey holds largest-ever military drill on land, air, sea


February 28: UK in fascist internet power grab; survivors want genocide-promoting Abrams off genocide-prevention committee

UK wants to criminally charge CEOs who don't censor 'hate speech' & 'disinfo' quick enough

Survivors want genocide-promoting Elliott Abrams off 'genocide prevention committee'

California refused thousands of ICE requests to detain & deport criminal aliens

Lindsey Graham tries to sabotage Hanoi conference with Kim dis

Worst sequel ever? State Dept offers $1mil for info on bin Laden's son


March 1: Bad jokes, just desserts, & a heaping helping of hypocrisy

Racial dancing bear Trevor Noah thinks war between India & Pakistan is funny

WaPo updates Covington story...2 months & a lawsuit later

Black woman who beat Mexican grandpa with a brick gets 15 years

German city repossesses family dog to cover unpaid debts

Kamala "#metoo" Harris' office paid out $1.1mil in sex harassment settlements while CA AG