Ziofascists go for broke as crazy no longer feels the need to wear a mask. Who knew "body count" was a qualification for elected office? Meanwhile, the dog is being thoroughly wagged in Venezuela with the latest patsy handed the keys to the kingdom while 81% of Venezuelans say..."who?"


January 21: Israeli bloodthirst & the dead live again, while US grabs for Meng

Ex-IDF head runs for PM on record of slaughtering Palestinian civilians

Fox prematurely kills off Ruth Bader Ginsburg

No 'Planet 9' on solar system's edge? 'Massive disc' makes more sense

US files to extradite Huawei CFO from Canada for sanctions violations


January 22: Trump invites Covington kids, Congress disinvites Reps, Pentagon controls spaceships with its mind

Covington kids face continued death threats, White House invite as truth comes out

Congress mulls evicting live-in Reps

Pentagon's 'UFO program' also investigated wormholes, mind control, invisibility


January 23: Netanyahu's paranoia makes Kim look like the Dalai Lama; worlds collide

Netanyahu blames media propaganda for corruption probe woes

Earth seeded with life-creating elements via planetary collision

Florida (where else?) gunman shoots 5 in hostage drama at bank

Kim praises Trump's persistence in courting N.Korea


January 24: Spreading disease, fraud, & regime change, with a dash of police state repression

US-born missionary contacts forbidden tribe: GPS the new smallpox blankets?

US recalls some Venezuela diplomats but insists embassy remains open amid regime change drama

Finally free after Kafkaesque imprisonment, Iranian journo has new understanding of gov't unaccountability

Half of all Failbook users fake, says jilted co-creator


January 25: Consider the dog wagged

Ron Paul decries US 'hypocrisy' in Venezuela: democracy at gunpoint no democracy at all

Pompeo doesn't even know his own puppet's name: Guaidó in it for short haul at best

Trump swears he's gonna build the damn wall if no agreement reached in 3 weeks