Last batch of stories of 2018 - let's just say it hasn't been humanity's proudest moment. Happy new year, everyone. Let's try not to pull this shit again, shall we?


December 26: Dead bodies & where they're buried; US lackeys get their just deserts in Venezuela & China

Family arrested as backyard bodies confirmed to be missing kids

Venezuela sentences 'Operation Jericho' coup plotters allied with US

Meng's revenge: China hints at death penalty for Canadian drug smuggler

India strikes back at Amazon & Walmart with e-commerce regulations


December 27: Who munched my Munch? We all live in a pedo submarine; Fukushima 3 face 5-year sentences

Munch Museum finds out 47+ paintings missing from collection that hung in student dorm

Elon Musk to British diver: "Not a pedo? Sue me!" Diver: "OK!" Musk: "LOL J/K"

TEPCO execs face 5-year sentences over Fukushima meltdown


December 28: Army unit: at sleaze! Cop killer was illegal alien with criminal record; foul-mouthed muppets; legionnaire caught with bombs

US troops at Grafenwoehr finally allowed to have sex after nine-day ban

CA cop-killer was illegal alien with multiple DUIs & other arrests

Say it ain't so: Beloved muppet drops f-bomb, or does he?

French cop arrested with bag of military-grade explosives

7.0 quake hits Mindanao, Philippines


December 30: Saudis fuel Yemen conflict with Sudanese child 'firewood'; identity politics eats itself; Facebook blamed for migrant crisis; vape store meltdown

Saudi-led coalition recruiting child soldiers in Sudan for Yemen cannon fodder

Northern CA Women's March cancels as organizers fear it'll be "too white"

Migrant group blames social media for spike in UK channel crossings; charities chortle

Vape store psycho screeches self silly at Trump-shirted customer