Depending on whose altar you worship at, last week's shitshow at the Capitol was either a warm fuzzy coalition of democracy-defenders making a last stand against the corrupt megaswamp, a pack of domestic terrorists frothing at the mouth with white supremacy, or the conclusion of Act I of a poorly-written but shockingly well-funded play put on as a distraction from all the fun police-stating to be had while welcoming in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The spectacle bristled with so many red flags you could barely see the 'Don't Tread on Me's: no cops, guards actually opening doors for the masses to "break in" to the Capitol, the sound of millions of pearls being clutched until their owners' knuckles turn white, and demands for the big bad Orange Man to leave at once lest he wreak unspeakable havoc in, uh, 2 weeks... 

The point is that none of this adds up, and what we're facing is a fourth-rate knockoff of the Patriot Act. All future online communications will be stripped of encryption or liability protection as justified by the eeeevil domestic turrurrists who hate us for our freedumb, with all participants likely geotagged if not for immediate arrest than for inclusion on a watch list that will prevent them from leaving the US in the future. Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Amazon are more powerful than any government, and they've decided there's no point in hiding it anymore. Those who aren't interested in selling their species out to these predators should be sharing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., migrating content to other platforms, in general getting the hell off these misshapen Big Tech/Big Brother chimeras before they all blow sky high. 

December 28: EU vax rollout or slow-motion trainwreck? She of many passports stays locked up

European travel insurers warn no vaccine, no trip if EU adopts mandate

8 German care home workers get 5X dose of Pfizer vax, sending 4 to hospital

Ghislaine Maxwell denied $28.5 million bond due to 'extreme flight risk' 

December 29: Buzzfeed's CIA feeding frenzy; Snitch-o-Rama terrified by potential fun; can haz term limits plz?

Buzzfeed launders CIA propaganda on Xinjiang 'slave labor' camps

**Snitch Nation demands more rules to follow as holidays loom & prospect of fun emerges

Schumer & McConnell, poster boys for congressional term limits, tank stimulus talks

December 30: Snitch Nation cackles & crackles; Pelosi & WaPo embrace pot/kettle dichotomy

Karens revel in death of young congressman-elect who didn't actually die of Covid-19

Karens revel in death of 'secret party' app due to finger-wagging NYTimes profile

Pelosi whines at GOP's 2-day 'tolerance for suffering' after she delayed aid for months

Owned by US' richest man, WaPo reprises objection to individual aid checks

December 31: Calling all false flags; Twitter hates science

Iranian FM Zarif warns Trump admin cooking up a false flag to justify war with Tehran

Twitter blocks access to entire European medical journal over ivermectin PReP paper

January 1: 2021 will one-up 2020; take your carrier & shove it; #MeToo for me but not for thee; diversity or die

**Farewell to 2020, but 2021 will be even worse until humanity grows a spine

USS Nimitz sent home with tail between its legs even as Trump hypes Iran threat

Alexander Wang bats back male models' allegations of sexual abuse

Diversity trumps skill & experience in NHS' sprawling anti-pandemic effort