Analysts believe the bomb-like fireworks going off in cities and suburban neighborhoods across the US are a precursor for a wide-scale highly organized massive arson event.
There is no explanation regarding who is paying for and transshipping this massive amount of pyrotechnics into the cities. Recent articles playing down this threat are a coordinated disinformation campaign to dupe officials into lowering their guard. That would be a big mistake. This warning MUST be taken seriously.
This warning will be also made public, so if there is a massive arson event in New York City or surrounding areas, there will be a public inquiry and every single person who is responsible for the safety of the people and who received this warning will be taken to task in the event that they allow our towns, cities, villages, neighborhoods, and homes and apartments to burn. DO NOT IGNORE THIS WARNING. We need ALL HANDS ON DECK for the 4th of July, ALL POLICE and ALL FIREFIGHTERS on deck for the 4th of July and the surrounding weekend. 
On the streets, Antifa (Israeli Intelligence) is saying that a “Big Event” is going to take place on July 4th, but it is possible that if enough police, firefighting and intelligence presence is on the streets to prevent it, it is entirely their prerogative to perform their planned INSURANCE JOB to achieve many goals of the deep state actors involved any time thereafter. 
Antifa doesn’t have millions of dollars to spend on these nightly displays throughout America for these past two months. ONLY a highly coordinated intelligence operation can achieve such a breathtaking operation that ALL cities have been witnessing regarding this extraordinary amount of pyrotechnics “magically” appearing and being distributed, often FREE OF CHARGE, to gangs of unknown individuals to ignite. 
ALL public officials be on the lookout. These attacks will be a coordinated intelligence operation. Antifa is NOT a random ideology of resistance. Antifa is an ultra covert intelligence operation operated by Israeli Intelligence. 
This threat is real and this letter is an attempt to warn Mayor de Blasio, Governor Cuomo, NYPD Commissioner Shea, NYPD Intelligence Chief Galati, all Borough Presidents, all Congresspersons, Senators Schumer and Gillibrand, FDNY Commissioner Nigro, FDNY Chief Sudnik, all state assembly members and city councilmembers, Public Advocate Williams, and any and all safety and health and emergency chiefs of what may occur on July 3rd through 6th. 
This plan is much larger that any NYPD intelligence agent has the capacity to understand. Take it seriously and prevent any wide scale arson event in New York City or surrounding areas. 


New York City residents have been subject to a bizarre six-week psychological terror campaign in the form of professional-grade fireworks going off all night, every night, often beginning before sunset and lasting through 4am. The frequency and intensity of these explosions is unlike anything the city has seen in decades - if ever - yet the media has largely refused to discuss the issue, except to downplay and normalize the endless pyrotechnics. But the nightly fireworks shows are only the precursor to what we believe will be a rash of devastating arson attacks, targeting urban and suburban neighborhoods alike - and not just in New York, if the reports coming in from other cities are any indication.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is clearly not taking the problem seriously. While he recently empaneled a “fireworks task force” to belatedly address the problem, he said just days later that cracking down on rogue pyrotechnics is “not a good use of police’s time and energy” - as if the issue began and ended with a few kids playing with M-80s on a rooftop. This is not what we're dealing with here.

The explosions began around Memorial Day - more than a month before the 4th of July - and haven’t stopped since, dwarfing the usual amateur neighborhood fireworks displays in size, frequency, and volume. While fireworks are illegal in New York, it's not unusual to witness locals setting them off on summer nights around the 4th, and if the nightly displays were like those of previous years, they would not be an issue. However, this year's fireworks are often loud enough to be mistaken for bombs, and complaints to the city’s 311 and 911 hotlines quickly outstripped those of previous years: 11,000 as of this past Saturday, compared to just 54 for the same period in 2019.

Accompanying this mysterious bombardment has been a coordinated media gaslighting campaign, with the likes of the New York Times and Buzzfeed News framing the aural assault as “just locals letting off steam” or the result of a big sale at fireworks outlets. These narrative-managers told chronically sleep-deprived New Yorkers that a solid month of nightly 12-hour fireworks shows migrating across the borough and often starting when it was still light outside was completely normal. Beneath the surface was a sneering derision: only a midwestern transplant, a racist, or a gentrifying “Karen” would complain, reporters invariably based outside the five boroughs - their Manhattan offices shuttered because of the coronavirus - snickered. 

Other stories claimed it was Black Lives Matter supporters setting off the fireworks in solidarity - a claim thoroughly debunked by a black Brooklynite calling himself Son of Baldwin in a social media thread that went viral last week. Explaining that minority New Yorkers had no reason to terrorize their own communities, he suggested the nonstop noise was a psychological operation aimed at destabilizing these neighborhoods. That reasonable analysis triggered an outbreak of media hysteria, with the New York Times calling the poster out by name as a “conspiracy theorist” after one of its own reporters retweeted the thread, blissfully unaware her employer was part of the coverup. The reporter was savaged by a group of known disinformation peddlers with such ferocity that she briefly deleted her Twitter account. That crew similarly pounced on any prominent New Yorker touting the evidence of their own senses in a surreal epidemic of "Who are you going to believe - us or your lying ears?"

Despite being smeared as liars, complainers and loonies in the media, New Yorkers could not ignore the sonic booms exploding outside their windows daily. Residents who called the city to complain during the first few weeks of the neverending fireworks show got a surreal runaround: those dialing the non-emergency 311 hotline were told to hang up and call 911, and those dialing 911 were told that unless they had an exact address they had to dial 311. Calls to the NYPD public information office regarding the city’s actual fireworks policy were met with stonewalling, feigned ignorance, or confusion: no one seemed to know (or be willing to share) what the official policy for fireworks was.

And now the Fourth of July looms just days away. The city claims to be planning five smaller fireworks displays, one for each borough, times not announced beforehand, supposedly to promote social distancing. The fireworks task force is scheduled to disband the night before Independence Day, as if the trafficking of illegal fireworks will stop in its tracks once the holiday is past. While there have been a handful of arrests, there are too many oddities - firemen at a Crown Heights firehouse caught setting off fountain fireworks late at night, furtive men strolling through Williamsburg lighting off rockets near trashcans without so much as waiting to see whether they went off, shocking videos of kids shooting fireworks at one another while police look on nonchalantly, sociopaths tossing fireworks onto sleeping homeless men, and strangers from out of town showing up in the middle of the night with trunks full of explosives, ready to replenish ongoing illegal neighborhood fireworks shows at unbeatable prices. 


As many on social media have pointed out, the average New Yorker does not have the money to pay for a month’s worth of all-night fireworks. Certainly, New Yorkers economically devastated by Covid-19, unable to even pay rent let alone flee the city for the Hamptons or Florida like many of the city's wealthier inhabitants, cannot afford a month of professional-grade fireworks, which are difficult to obtain even in states where fireworks are legal. Nor were there existing channels in place in the past capable of transporting the high volume of fireworks into the city from states where they are sold openly - moving such a high volume of explosives across state lines without attracting police notice would be all but impossible without some level of institutional collaboration, whether state, federal, intelligence, foreign, or a combination.  

Those searching for the culprit will not find one sole reason for the fireworks operation - the surest route to plausible deniability is having multiple answers to the question “who benefits.” If multiple powerful entities have motive and opportunity, it’s all but impossible to convict them in a court of law based on circumstantial evidence alone. But this is not our intention - we merely wish to spoil their plans and prevent the city (and other parts of the US) from going up in flames. If we can convict the entities responsible in the court of public opinion, that’s a bonus, but we are primarily trying to save the city we call home.

Police benefit when New Yorkers fear rising crime rates. Not only do they feel needed and appreciated when 911 calls go up, but a high volume of emergency calls makes it less likely city government will cave to Black Lives Matters’ demands and defund the NYPD. Firemen benefit when small fires can be put out with minimal damage to property and no loss of life. They come off as heroes arriving on the scene in the nick of time and (if they’re lucky) being photographed carrying the family cat out of a burning tenement. At least two rooftop fires reportedly started by fireworks were quickly extinguished on Avenue C in Alphabet City in the space of the same week that saw a three-story building burn down in Yonkers, supposedly because of fireworks and “poor housekeeping,” leaving six families homeless. Both the NYPD and FDNY are participants in the mayor’s fireworks task force, and busting a handful of swarthy young men with cars full of high-end fireworks justifies the broken-windows policing falling out of favor elsewhere in the country. By the same token, when a firework lands in a child’s bedroom and burns him, the entire community will reliably demand more police presence and/or firefighters. For these reasons, some have speculated city law enforcement is behind the fireworks operation.

For weeks, social media has bristled with tales of strange white men driving into minority neighborhoods in SUVs packed with professional-grade fireworks, which they hand out to local kids for pennies on the dollar (or simply hand out to kids). Slate confirmed this with a bizarre article that sought to paint the sudden appearance of an out-of-towner with a trunk full of professional-grade explosives, offering them to strangers on a darkened Brooklyn street for a pittance, as just another summer night in the city, just the locals "having fun." Certainly the clips of kids chasing one another, firing off rockets like paintball guns as if they have an unlimited supply, indicate they did not have to pay much (if anything) for them. It should be a simple matter for NYPD to trace the license plates of these vehicles, especially if they are indeed from “out of town." 

Other rumors state that the professional-grade explosives typically set off at stadiums, fairs, and other large public events canceled because of the coronavirus have been sold off in bulk - to Antifa, according to those on the right, or to police plotting to dump them in black neighborhoods, according to the left. Parallels have been drawn to the pallets of bricks stacked in riot-friendly locations during the early George Floyd protests. Variations of an alleged Antifa plot are circulating claiming the goal of the fireworks is to desensitize people to the sound of gunfire and explosions and measure police response times, then use the fireworks as cover for full-on arson attacks and raids on suburban homes, as well as a mass flag-burning at Gettysburg. Antifa members setting up for a protest in Bushwick, Brooklyn told us they had “something big" planned for July 4, though they seemed both genuinely ignorant as to what it was and utterly confident they would be told when the date arrived - hinting at a rigid cell-like military infrastructure nothing like the loose association with which we are told Antifa operates.

However, this latter plot appears to be a psy-op within a psy-op. Antifa does not have the muscle or political influence to pull off such an operation alone - not without the kind of support that a state intelligence apparatus can provide. While Antifa’s affiliation with Israel is out in the open in Germany, the US incarnation of the group soft-pedals its links with Tel Aviv, presumably because it’s hard to feign solidarity with oppressed peoples worldwide when one is publicly allied with an apartheid state. In the event of mass arson attacks, the agents setting the fires will appear to be part of Antifa and Black Lives Matter (also an Israeli front notorious for coopting grassroots black activist movements) even as Israel gives the orders. 

The Department of Homeland Security will be dispatching extra units to Seattle, Portland, and Washington DC for July 4th to protect monuments and federal property, but while these Rapid Deployment Teams trained in crowd and riot control are ideal for subduing violent mobs, limiting the rollout to these three cities (and their remit to protecting federal sites) leaves the real targets of the Independence Day operation wide open. Additional teams will supposedly be on standby, but potentially hours away from the sites of unrest. We need not remind you how much damage can be done in a few hours by determined chaos agents. For the sake of millions of New Yorkers, please do not overlook what these people are plotting.


The goal of the Independence Day operation is much more than merely sowing terror and chaos: there’s a lot of money to be made in torching entire neighborhoods, especially for landlords and city governments who’ve purchased the proper insurance policies. In the same way that “Lucky” Larry Silverstein collected $4.5 billion off a paltry $124 million down payment on the World Trade Center complex he leased for 99 years just a few months before three of its buildings collapsed completely during the 9/11 terror attacks - saving him the trouble and expense of the asbestos remediation they desperately needed - New York City is full of buildings whose owners might like to see them leveled, buildings which do not conform to the Green New Deal and Agenda 2030 regulations and which will thus require extensive, expensive retrofitting - or total destruction.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo inked a deal for a “smart cities” partnership between New York and the Israel Innovation Authority last year, essentially designating five New York cities (yet to be named) as experimental playgrounds for Israeli intelligence and high technology. New York City would seem to be at the top of the list: the governor also partnered with Israel in 2018 on an initiative called CyberNYC aimed at turning the city into a hub for 10,000 new Israeli cybersecurity jobs, pouring tens of millions of taxpayer dollars into what is essentially a jobs-creation program for the Israeli high tech sector - not New York City. Adding insult to injury, after the coronavirus pandemic gutted the city’s economy, Cuomo brought in former Google executive Eric Schmidt to “reimagine” New York's infrastructure, healthcare, and economy; Schmidt, not-so-coincidentally, is a major investor in Team8, the Israeli start-up incubator at the core of the CyberNYC initiative.

Building a smart city requires completely redesigning the existing urban landscape, however. Schmidt was invited to try his hand at New York not long after Google’s smart-city subsidiary Sidewalk Labs was kicked out of Toronto thanks to spirited resistance from the locals. But while Toronto's Quayside neighborhood - a disused industrial waterfront area - was previously set to become North America’s first smart city, New York has vanishingly few vacant land parcels available to be developed into the kind of dystopian future landscapes seen in the failed Toronto prototype. Sidewalk specializes in “reimagining cities from the internet up” - what areas of New York will be cleared out so that Schmidt and Israeli intelligence can build their Metropolis? The last time anyone attempted a major redevelopment project in New York that required the relocation of large numbers of people, neighborhood activists derailed it - Robert Moses’ Westway highway was never built. Schmidt and the Israeli smart city developers have no doubt learned from Moses’ mistakes; New York’s “smart city” will likely rise from the still-warm ashes of an existing neighborhood. Fireworks provide the perfect cover for modernization-by-arson; no buyouts, no paying for the relocation of hundreds of sullen tenants, and no risk of a modern Jane Jacobs derailing the whole plan.

Similarly, Mayor Bill de Blasio last year passed a “Green New Deal” for New York City requiring buildings over 25,000 square feet to slash emissions by 40 percent from 2005 levels or face steep penalties. It’s only the latest of several “green” regulatory packages passed by the mayor, rules which, like the nationwide Green New Deal, have less to do with saving the planet than with tightening control of resource usage, expanding the surveillance state, and modifying behavior. Even the vast majority of residential buildings and co-ops will face penalties if they don’t change their behavior by 2030, a recent survey found, and penalties increase with building size. The mayor specifically took aim at so-called “classic glass and steel skyscrapers,” calling them “incredibly inefficient” in a 2019 interview. Much of the city’s skyscraper stock consists of these once-cutting-edge structures, mostly containing office space - which has fallen into disuse as the pandemic forces most of the city’s workforce to telecommute. Between the trend shift, the glut of supply and the evaporation of demand, building owners would seem to be stuck with a lot of worthless office space on their hands. Sure, they could use this vacant period to retrofit their buildings cheaply and quickly - shutting off sprinkler systems for repair is a lot less complicated in unoccupied buildings than in active office hubs. And if those sprinklers were never to be turned back on, and if an errant firework should find its way into an open air duct, well… Despite the PR boilerplate from the mayor’s office, bringing a glass-and-steel office tower or a 1940s brick housing project up to Agenda 2030 code is neither easy nor cheap.

The ruling class has used such tactics for centuries to clean their cities of "undesirables" - disasters, no matter how unnatural, provide ideal cover for wiping out troublesome old housing stock and its inhabitants. Hurricane Katrina justified tearing down public housing projects New Orleans had wanted to get rid of for years, sending even high-rise projects utterly undamaged by the storm to the wrecking ball. The 1666 Great Fire of London torched 80 percent of that city, leaving the City of London - the legally-separate entity where historic banking houses have made their home - untouched but largely finishing the depopulation job the 1665 Great Plague had begun (and paving the way for lucrative rebuilding commissions). London's Lord Mayor, a de Blasio of his time, was woken up with news of the fire, only to famously dismiss it with "a woman might piss it out!" and return to bed, unwilling to intervene in the cull. It's hard to ignore the Great Fire/Plague parallels, given the intensity with which Covid-19 savaged New York, deliberately introduced into nursing homes and elder care facilities by order of Governor Andrew Cuomo. 

While some real estate owners could no doubt afford to retrofit their holdings to the increasingly stringent "green" specifications, the coronavirus pandemic has cratered the real estate market for office buildings and high-rises in general and the owners of skyscrapers are staring at a lot of red ink. Buying a good fire insurance package and torching, say, a decaying public housing project or a moribund midtown office building is looking mighty attractive to the kind of unscrupulous landlords who regularly used arson as a weapon to drive out problem tenants in gentrifying neighborhoods in the 1980s. The primary reinsurer for skyscrapers in New York City was Allianz as recently as 2014, a German firm whose CEO resigned as part of a mysterious wave of thousands of such resignations around December/January - right before the pandemic tanked the world economy. Allianz will likely be left holding the bag if the city burns, and should be made aware of this fact. Investigators should look at recent purchases of fire insurance, especially multiple policies.

The pandemic largely emptied out upper Manhattan as the wealthy fled to summer homes in the Hamptons, Florida, and other more secure redoubts. The apartments they left behind have values so inflated it would be all but impossible for the owners to turn a profit by reselling them. Accordingly, these too may be burned in order to cash in on insurance policies and free up land for more "smart city" experimentation. Meanwhile, Agenda 2030 programs demand a total overhaul of suburban living as well - and just as the devastating California wildfires of years past cleared out entire communities standing in the way of a massive transit corridor project, fire may be used to "re-zone" suburbia. Do not think that you are safe because you do not live in the city.


Utah authorities reported that fireworks triggered a massive blaze on Sunday night near Traverse Mountain, forcing the evacuation of over 30 homes in the Lehi area and torching some 300 acres before it was brought under control. The inferno was accompanied by a power outage that plunged 7,500 customers into darkness. Fireworks are illegal in Utah, and a suspect was caught in connection with the blaze, but removing one individual from an international network does nothing to affect its plans. The Utah fire was very likely a "dry run" of sorts for Saturday, when these people plan to unleash hell on earth into peaceful urban and suburban neighborhoods. Power outages are almost guaranteed - indeed, many areas of suburban Long Island have suffered power outages during recent storms. The operatives will set traps for first responders, preventing the Fire Department from reaching fires and calling in nonexistent fires to spread resources as thinly as possible. There will likely be ambushes on law enforcement. Many of these people have undergone paramilitary (if not military) training, and letting one's guard down in expectation of the typical doughy Antifa "anarchists" could be fatal.  

Please spread this information as widely as possible. We do not have much time. New Yorkers - and your own communities - are counting on you.