In Part 1 of Unsafe Space, Helen and Vox diagnose the malady afflicting the liberal class, analyzing how and why the Left seems to have lost its way (or been led astray). We dissect neoliberal capitalism's permeation into the fabric of our society and how even alternative media present a false choice between capitalism and communism/socialism despite the impossibility of either existing in a pure form untouched by human variables. We track the media establishment's development of a colonial-administrative model for more efficient control (where they correctly reason that viewers are more likely to trust an anchorliar from their own minority group), and explain why liberals should resist the hijacking of their erstwhile ideology by the small but vocal minority of social-justice-warrior pod people sent into the Left to destroy it. 

Part 2 analyzes the persistence of obviously false media narratives despite mounting proof of their falsehood - does the ruling class think we're stupid, apathetic, or just paralyzed with learned helplessness? There is a clear movement toward clamping down on primary sources - anyone who watches an interview with Bashar al-Assad, or reads the WikiLeaks embassy cables, can tell in a second that the establishment's Syria narrative is false, for example - but even without those sources the lies are obvious and so frequently recycled they'd be humorous if they didn't result in actual human suffering. We also talk about the increasing terror levels required to sustain a baseline of fear in the American populace - where do you go from ISIS?