Dear #Resistance,

I recognize the temptation to reach for facile solutions when confronted with the unsettling reality of a Trump presidency, but cozying up to the fascist Deep State for political expediency will be the death of whatever remains of the “liberal” ideology. Russiagate is an authoritarian cult that deifies the same government agencies that have dedicated their lives to stamping out leftist and activist movements. When you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. When those dogs have government security clearance, sometimes you don’t get up at all.

Last quarter’s Nielsen ratings confirm that Americans are sick of Russiagate, outside of a core faithful congregation of Maddow acolytes. It is time to confront the gaping inconsistencies in the Russiagate narrative and move on to more solid evidentiary ground - it’s not like there aren’t plenty of other issues with which to attack Trump. Sure, Mueller could pull a deus ex machina and whip out the “pee tape” referenced in the Steele dossier, but after almost two years of investigation with all the resources of the US Justice Department at hand, it’s unlikely that the promised proof of “collusion” will ever surface. Wrapping yourself in the establishment media narrative in order to keep out uncomfortable realities does not change those realities - the CIA and FBI are still intent on eviscerating the activist Left, even as the “Resistance” has allowed itself to be drafted as Deep State shock troops. Don’t be a useful idiot. Question authority or become its dupe. 

When your emperor has no clothes, would you would rather pluck out the eyes of those who notice and remark upon his nudity, or drape a towel over the guy? Think about it.