My YouTube account is dangling by a string at this point, so you must forgive me for not posting any of my latest activity over there - unless you've been living under a rock, you're familiar with how the social media thought police have shifted into overdrive in their effort to shut down any and all independent thought as their poorly-constructed narrative chickens come home to roost. If you're not following me on BitChute at this point (or watching Harry Vox on DLive, where I also make regular appearances), you're missing most of my video appearances.

I was recently on Charlie Robinson's excellent MacroAggressions podcast discussing Wikipedia's alliance with the World Health Organization, the public face of the eugenics-crazed predator class running this mass cull. Wikipedia has had massive success precisely because of its skill in camouflaging a wealthy nonprofit backed by hundreds of millions in corporate cash as a shoestring crowdsourced operation written by ordinary folks like you and me (who happen to spend their working hours in rows and columns at some anonymous Unit 8200 property in Beersheba, but maybe leave that part out for the cameras).

I also appeared on Cambridge University's Robinson College Chapel program to discuss the Wikipedia menace, the threat it poses to academia as the quintessential wolf in sheep's clothing, and the possibility of "safe Wikipedophilia" (think safe sex, but without the obligatory exchanges of bodily fluids). The corruption of the "people's encyclopedia" is off the charts, and the only way to put an end to it is to starve it of the oxygen and nutrients (read: public attention and adulation) it requires to survive. There are ways to use Wikipedia safely, but under no circumstances should you donate your money; do not think you can just use the ever-metastasizing brick of Newspeak for anything but to bash your own face in, "sometimes," for topics you believe aren't that controversial - sure, looking up the population of Jakarta probably won't end with you sinking into the marshes of citogenesis, but any path that ends with it being declared that it is at last OK to cite Wikipedia as a factual source is a path that should not be traveled, full stop. You might think there's no harm in a statistic that describes how x amount of Americans had been covered by health insurance as of last census, but so many national interests have their fingers in that greasy little pie that the truth is once again forced to do battle with far more skilled and less talented liars in the quest for narrative supremacy.

I also weighed in on the utterly underwhelming Dawn of the Biden on PressTV, reminding the audience that the man who promised "nothing will fundamentally change" has no intent of diverging from that pledge."The Business of America is Business" is no longer the least inspiring presidential slogan in American history - now it's "Nothing will fundamentally change" (or should I say "Build Back Better" - the slippery slovenly slide down the slimy slope to technologically-mandated sloth and slavery to the AI that will be our only masters and motivators. There's no way to adequately describe this horror, though I started on it in my chapter of When China Sneezes.


And lest we forget social media - in this case represented by the wild-eyed actress in the public service announcement ("THIS is your brain on drugs!" she shrieks like a mad beast, smashing the Facebook-branded frying pan that is supposed to keep your poor little brain safe cuddled (curdled?) in the arms of Big Benevolent Brother as it's whacked about the kitchen, with "drugs" here being that same battle for narrative supremacy in which the participant is the absolute last consideration), that bag is being sealed up for good, its contents suffocated to be tossed in the river like a sack of unwanted kittens. Just because you're still on Twitter or YouTube or whichever breeding ground for domesticated ideas you call 'home' doesn't mean you'll be there tomorrow (like, ironically, the PressTV segment I did about their brief deplatforming from Facebook - Spiro Skouras, one of the first alt-media creators to expose Event 201 and otherwise an excellent voice calling out the crimes and schemes of the OMFGVIRUS crew while dotting all his i's and crossing all his t's, got kicked off Twitter and appears to have been frozen off YouTube as well, whacked with two (or more!) strikes, some of which are expired, technically allowed to post more but aware that posting one more video will get one's channel deleted entirely.

Also appeared on Patrick Ryan's show to talk about the avalanche of OMFGVIRUS bullshit as it rolls picturesquely down the hill - picturesquely, that is, unless your house is situated directly beneath it, and right now we've all got that same little real estate problem. (good luck getting the show link itself to work, though - if you have success, I'd like a copy for my own archives...)

Nancy Reagan might have been full of shit, or just ahead of her time - the important part is that we can just say no to being forcibly injected with experimental pharmaceutical compounds being passed off as "vaccines" by profoundly unethical (or just clueless) creeps in lab coats.

(Yes, that's me in the lab coat. I went to college and thus have more credentials than Gibbering Gates)

The long dormant body of New York City is slowly stirring, waking up to the shocking array of insults being committed upon it, and people are starting to take to the streets and protest on Saturdays. Bring a megaphone and you'll be able to overpower any of the infiltrators, who make sure the sound equipment is subpar in an effort to discourage the masses and send them home early. The city's infiltration by feds and goon squads does not mean you have to give up - if anything, it means that guiding the movement in the right direction is that much easier. The morons in charge of managing NYC are laughably amateur-hour, unable to navigate their way out of a gauntlet of purring kittens. Unfortunately, they don't need much of any skills at all - the Koronavirus Kommissar himself, mired in twin murder and sex scandals, has declared NYC will be the origin point for the vaccine passports (which he will call the Excelsior Pass, because of course he will) that will slowly but surely finish the job of clearing the wreckage of humanity out of this continent.

It was nice knowing you/See you at the barricades.