While there is ultimately very little daylight between Trump and Biden in terms of who wins the 2020 election - especially for non-Americans for whom one Israeli-controlled ruling class toady looks much like another - Biden has pledged to "listen to the science," a code phrase that suggests he will not only continue to worship at the altar of the Cult of Corona but will impose his religion on the rest of us - separation of Church and State be damned.

I appeared on The Gaggle, the new channel from CrossTalk's Peter Lavelle and friends, last month (and the day after Election Day) to speculate about what 'murica (and the world) will look like after Trump. Part 2:

The post-election show outlined a situation in which a long, drawn-out vote count subtly inflames civil unrest - not quite enough to fill the people's hands with pitchforks and torches and send them running for the nearest guillotine, but just enough to tear out their neighbors' throats over lawn signs. Divide and conquer is a science, and these people are experts.

The kind of propaganda that allows this to happen doesn't grow on trees, and neither does money. That's where Bill Gates comes in (and Pierre Omidyar, and George Soros, and Craig Newmark, and the damn Ford Foundation and well if I keep this up this article will never end). Gates has been so blatant about buying the loyalty of the vast majority of the media establishment that until very recently, one could find a list of dozens of media entities taking his money on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's website. I took screenshots, and wisely so, as they are for the most part no longer available. 

Discussed this issue, along with many other key aspects of the OMFGVIRUS narrative, with Ken McCarthy of BrasscheckTV in two recent podcasts.

And at the same time you buy the narrative, you must suppress other narratives, or the platforms on which they're published. Or, in TikTok's case, the platforms you don't control, even if they're currently dominated by inanity, on the offchance they might someday harbor dissent. I was one of the "audience members" consulted on Trump's TikTok ban on a recent episode of George Galloway's Kalima Horra (ironically, this show is currently barred from having a "real" audience because of the OMFGVIRUS).

Speaking of OMFGVIRUS, the social control mechanisms being smuggled in under its aegis are quickly converging with the weaponization of faux-social-justice, as I discussed with Maryam Henein of HoneyColony.com...

...which brings us back to the election. I joined the Geopolitics & Empire podcast on Election Night to discuss the unfolding shitshow, the Cult of Corona, and the arrival of Karen Nation wrapped in a big bow of asset-stripping. Ding-dong, the empire is dead, long live the empire. It was nice knowing you, Uncle Shlomo. What's the term for "uncle" in Mandarin?

(Yes, this is a lot of videos for one post. I haven't updated this part of the site in a while. Been a bit busy trying to scout out an exit route from the burning building that is my country.)