I recently joined Spiro Skouras of Activist Post to discuss some revelations poking holes in the US' Covid-19 pandemic narrative - a discrepancy-ridden fable that has struggled to frame the coronavirus pandemic as a pathogen that escaped from the Wuhan BSL-4 bioweapons lab due to Chinese incompetence. The reality, of course, involves quite a bit more predictive programming on the part of groups like the Rockefeller Foundation and the Global Business Network, whose "Scenarios for the Future of Technology & International Development" laid out a compelling rough-draft of the reality humanity is currently mired in up to its necks, in the form of the scenario titled "LockStep."

Real life is clearly unrelated to the fraud championed by the Trump Administration & its "blame-China" narrative - the coronavirus epidemic has in reality been weaponized by the US & its allies to usher in an unprecedented technocratic police state, following the model of the execrable Patriot Act to push through all manner of totalitarian measures drafted by power-hungry lawmakers in recent years under the rationale of "keeping 'muricans safe" [or British, or Germans, or French...most western societies are being subjected to the Cult of Coronavirus] - yet they flog it as the casus belli for a new sinophobic Cold War anyway. 

& lest we forget, there's still a US election going on, though it may beat all previous travesties for the title of "biggest joke in US electoral history." If Biden is indeed selected as the Democratic nominee in November, we can expect a record-low turnout given the party's deliberate decision to offer voters the "lesser of two rapists" after years of similar impossible choices. Bernie Sanders - still presenting himself as the Real Thing after ordering his 2016 followers to vote for a woman who represented the polar opposite of everything he stood for & doing the same thing again with Biden substituted for Clinton - is against all odds getting away with it a second time. Americans would do best to call out the fraud that is our "democracy" & demand the real thing, pitchforks in hand for when we are denied what our Constitution guarantees us.