It's time to sit the United States down for a family meeting. You've seen the type - friends and family lure their unsuspecting loved one into a room and unload their worries and fears upon the person all at once in the hope of guilting them into "seeking help" via emotional "shock and awe," whether for an addiction, an eating disorder, or any other destructive behavior that has progressed beyond hurting the person to hurting their loved ones. It's long past time for an American Intervention. The US is the geopolitical equivalent of the rock-bottom alcoholic on a rip-roaring binge that has destroyed its community (the world), disappointed its family (its allies), and allowed itself to be turned out and exploited by the local pimp (Israel) in exchange for...what exactly? the strip-mining of Americans' civil rights? This is mass psychogenic illness.

Dear America, it's Time for an Intervention

Waking Up from the American Nightmare, with guest the Last American Vagabond

Patriotic Americans are at something of an impasse, wanting to support their country and everything it stands for but no longer sure what, exactly, it does stand for. Their confusion is understandable - there's nothing wrong with patriotism, but it's impossible to defend a country's principles when its only principle is that it will abandon all principles in pursuit of material reward.

As its economic fortunes began to decline in the latter half of the 20th century, the US government threw its considerable weight behind keeping up appearances, prioritizing maintaining the facade of a prosperous nation ahead of fixing the problems keeping prosperity at bay. Disciples of Milton Friedman’s neoliberal economics convinced the government that their only hope was to keep cutting taxes on the rich and hope they would eventually trickle a little down on everyone else. Admitting that this system had failed would betray weakness that would surely be leveraged into a full-fledged communist takeover. As a result, Americans have become shockingly adept at lying to themselves, and even the Trump era’s trendy antipatriots are defiantly setting off their fireworks, convinced that everything will be just fine once they get rid of that nasty old president. But the US' decline has been a long time coming, and truly Making America Great Again requires dismantling the Potemkin village erected to hide the rot. 

[from 'Denial is America's National Pastime,' written for Independence Day 2019]