Australia has joined the fascist race to the bottom, but can their jackboots outstomp France, Israel, & the US? Stay tuned! Big week for legislative virtue-signaling, Titanic deck-chair rearrangement, & always more censorship. Dear humanity: you're doing it wrong.

June 3: Legislative virtue-signaling (and virtue denied); blood tester hemorrhages data

Senate unanimously passes virtue-signaling "election meddling" bill

Judge denies House's effort to block Trump's border wall appropriations

Blood tester's 12mn customers' identities stolen thanks to debt collector "breach"

June 4: Segregation is the new tolerance; Australia embraces fascism; more legislative virtue-signaling; Biden reverts to type; Broward Coward jailed

*Colleges embracing segregation with 10+ ethnic-themed graduation

Australia raids journalists' offices over stories embarrassing to the government

House passes amnesty for dreamers despite zero chance for passing Senate

Biden caught plagiarizing climate change policy

Parkland school security officer arrested for neglect of duty

June 5: Poland fights Faceborg; Trump to troops: paint my fence; Goldwater Rule? What Goldwater Rule?

Polish nationalist sues Facebook for discrimination

Military tasked with making Mexican border fence pretty

House Dems ditch Goldwater Rule so diagnosis-happy psychiatrist can call Trump crazy

June 6: ISIS fighter claims border plot (and TSA enables it); Twitter wields bigger banhammer; fetus worshipers vs. logic

ISIS pitched 'financial attacks' on US, Mexican border infiltration, Canadian fighter says 

TSA lets illegals board flights without documents

Twitter follows YouTube crackdown with "simplified" Kafkaesque rule revamp

University of Alabama to return largest-ever donation due to benefactor's abortion stance

June 7: Game-rigging for fun & profit; Canada plays good cop with Cuba; Trump's fence comes home; NASA sells out

*It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you rewrite the rules so you can't help but win - Trump

Canada hints Cuba has 'role to play' in 'restoration' of Venezuelan 'democracy'

Consolation wall? White House fence to double in height

Strapped-for-cash NASA embraces privatization of ISS: what could go wrong?