After another failed coup attempt in Venezuela, could Trump finally be getting the message? Not if the media have anything to say about it - not one media establishment figure has spoken out against regime change in the last three months, according to FAIR. Can we stop calling them journalists & just outfit them in cheerleader uniforms with "Lockheed Martin" & "Boeing" across the chests? 


April 29: Tulsi's truth trending; Wohl's lies neverending

Tulsi Gabbard says beating Trump with a pro-war Democrat is worse than losing; video mysteriously vanishes

Jacob Wohl deploys sloppy sex assault hoax on Pete Buttigieg - if at first you don't succeed...?

(note: this was originally written as an op-ed for RT)


April 30: So i herd u liek embargoez; NSA doxxing up 75%; Russiagate flames fanned; FAA teases no-fly zone over Venezuela

Trump threatens already-embargoed Cuba with embargo for backing Venezuela

NSA "unmasking" up 75%, "for our own good" ODNI rep says

Mueller disapproves of media misinterpretation of Barr letter, sparking further media misinterpretation

FAA bans American planes & pilots from flying low in Venezuela

2 dead, 4+ injured in shooting at University of North Carolina Charlotte


May 1: Media embrace faux diversity & regime change; Bolton mocks "hiding" Maduro speaking at rally; record high NYC homelessness

*Mainstream media love diversity, as long as it's not diversity of thought

Bolton condemns bunker-bound 'coward' Maduro while Maduro speaks to cheering throngs in street

Homelessness at record high in NYC as gentrification pushes half the city out


May 2: Poynter declares unreliable sources list unreliable; liberals embrace Facebook fascism; Papadopoulos exposes multipronged spy ops

*Poynter forced to eat "unreliable news sources" list after "unreliable" sites point out its unreliability

Liberals, once proponents of free speech, cheer Facebook ban of "extremists"

Papadopoulos calls out multinational involvement in Trump campaign spying

Actor who played Chewbacca in Star Wars dead


May 3: EPA is a regulatory slut; Trump finally condemns Facebook bans; US & S. Korea cry wolf on DPRK launch; media foam as Trump talks peace

EPA, in bed with Monsanto & Dow, insists Roundup is safe despite jury verdicts

Trump finally ventures condemnation of Facebook censorship

Mainstream media rage as Trump hints at cutting losses in Venezuela, 'forgets' to scold Putin

North Korea launches projectiles from east coast, US & South mistake for missiles

Pentagon-chartered Guantanamo transport plane lands in river