When your anti-conspiracy filter starts spawning conspiracies where none previously existed, it's time to throw in the towel on the uncritical worship of "artificial intelligence." If our soon-to-be robot overlords are telling us all burning buildings look alike, what other anti-human biases do they harbor? Remember, kids: AI doesn't laugh.

April 15: Propaganda platform adds insult to Notre Dame injury; Assange affidavit exposes void at case's center

Police drone shows entire Notre Dame roof in flames

YouTube labels Notre Dame livestream as 9/11, promoting conspiracies it's supposed to squelch

US unseals Assange affidavit, exposing zero proof of alleged Pentagon hacking

April 16: Japan politely asks US to stop wiping its ass with Okinawa, so Trump wipes it with Cuba instead; world's oldest 18-year-old

Japan asks US military to stop running wild after Okinawan murder-suicide

Trump to allow Americans to sue Cuba (and US allies) over revolution-confiscated property

Colorado schools on lockdown as world's oldest-looking 'armed & dangerous' 18-year-old on loose

GoFundMe anti-vax ban might be legal, but it's hypocritical & discriminatory as hell, says Lionel

April 17: Reanimated pig brains mean hope for braindead cops; why burn books when whole libraries will do; worst smartphone design ever

Scientists restore brain function in hours-dead pigs; what's that, officer? you moved toward the light?

*MIT librarian attacks libraries for stocking white-authored books, & those pages are looking awfully pale too

$2000 folding smartphone crashes & burns, surprising no one

April 18: No bodily integrity for you; CIA dying of Trump Derangement Syndrome; You Had One Job (tm)

Brooklyn judge denies parents right to kids' bodily integrity, upholding mandatory vaccines amid non-epidemic

CIA agent warns intelligence community their rabid anti-Trumpism is threatening their credibility

VA whistleblower-protection agency under investigation for retaliating against whistleblowers

Trump to visit Japan to hammer out trade deal

April 19: Militia does Border Patrol's job, because it won't; here's a little bit of grandma in that pie, literally; tone-deaf != color-blind

US government chastises border patrol wannabes after they detain 3,500 migrants in a month

Washington poised to legalize human composting, because why should an eco-friendly lifestyle end with death

Ancestry.com yanks antebellum interracial-romance ad after Twitter outcry over slavery 'whitewash'