It's a dark day for human rights when Bibi Netanyahu wins a fifth term & Julian Assange is hauled off in chains for "conspiring to hack a computer." Though given the Pentagon's history of shabby opsec, the password was probably "password" anyway. The arrest of Assange was a message to those who would publish material embarrassing to empire: you have nowhere to hide. If you find a friendly country to shelter you, we will regime-change their government & strong-arm the new guy into selling out his national sovereignty for an IMF loan. Not a peep from the mainstream media, while alt media is too busy gossiping about Assange's possible intelligence agency connections to understand what his arrest actually means for press freedom. Do we even need the ruling class to play divide & conquer anymore, or are we just going to do it to ourselves? Pay attention or suffer the consequences.


April 8: Americans (& Israelis) can't handle failure, while Brits are being taught to love it

*Why can't American college kids handle failure? Just look at their government

Polls open in Israel - Bibi starts rigging furiously...

Eric 'nuke the gun owners' Swalwell announces 2020 candidacy

Parliament passes resolution to debate Brexit

Former top NZ diplomat charged with attempted toilet-cam recordings of embassy colleagues


April 9: Netanyahu to nation: How's my occupying? Would anyone else bribe you with stolen land while under investigation for bribery?

Israeli analysts dissect election: it's all about the Benjamins (Netanyahus & Franklins)

Japanese military finds wreckage of "disappeared" F-35A

AG Barr to probe anti-Trump bias in Russiagate investigation; Pope's Catholicism next?

Dalai Lama hospitalized for chest infection, raising succession questions


April 10: Alexa's humans hear you get screwed, literally & figuratively; Texas wants to criminalize abortion; Tasmania tries to criminalize misgendering; Brexit doomed

Amazon Alexa's human helpers reveal someone's always listening - to your shower-singing, or rape

Texas Republican wants to make abortion a capital crime

Tasmania removes gender from birth certificates in 'dog's breakfast' frankenlaw

May wins 6-month Brexit delay at emergency EU council meeting


April 11: Assange arrest sets chilling precedent - but so does barring BDS founder from US; comedy from the Clinton corpse 

Wikileaks editor & Assange lawyer warn arrest will doom free press

Manning demands release, citing malicious & superfluous prosecution

BDS founder denied entry to US - by US authorities, not Israeli

Clinton cackles over Assange arrest


April 12: Georgetown raises white (guilt) flag; pigs burn Burning Man; Pompeo denies bears shit in woods

Georgetown University students vote reparations "tax" into tuition

*Feds attempt to destroy Burning Man after it proves them irrelevant

Pompeo denies Netanyahu's reelection & West Bank annexation promise hurts peace

Former Venezuelan military intel chief arrested in Spain on US cocaine-trafficking warrant