It's difficult to understate how much of a threat Article 13 poses to the internet as we know it. This law comes in the guise of an overreaching copyright regulation but the preemptive filters it will force platforms to use can just as easily be weaponized to censor all politically inconvenient speech. Given the draconian 'hate speech' and 'fake news' being passed in individual European countries, this is all but inevitable. Google, Facebook, Twitter serve the most oppressive common denominator - living in the US will not save you. Farewell internet - it was fun while it lasted. (* = bylined)

March 25: Article 13 destroys the internet; UK can't leave EU or Yemen without a black eye; even Saudis think Trump's cucked

EU prepares to kill internet as we know it with Article 13 vote

*Article 13 weaponizes copyright to impose preemptive censorship

UK MPs wrest control of Brexit from Theresa Maybe

UK opposition demands out of Yemen after special forces injured fighting for Saudis

Even Saudi Arabia won't back Trump's Golan Heights sellout

March 26: Middle East Peace sacrificed to Greater Israel; journalistic credibility sacrificed to ratings; Green New Deal sacrificed to green new $$

*Trump & Kushner's Middle East Peace plan has no room for Palestine

Israel pounds Gaza 2 nights in pre-election response to 2 rockets landing harmlessly

Syria demands UN Security Council meeting after Golan Heights declaration

BBC head laments 'mainstream media' as smear-Lionel says look in the mirror

Green New Deal flops after forced Senate vote

March 27: Guaido swears revolution around the corner; Maddow swears Russians around the corner; Smollett swears lynch mobs around the corner; Monsanto just swears

Guaido calls for 'tactical action' ahead of inevitable palace-storming 2002 reenactment

Maddow slips from 1st to 6th place as MSNBC ratings plummet post-Mueller

FBI reviewing dismissal of Smollett hate hoax charges

Jury rules Bayer must pay in second Roundup cancer case

Truck plows into crowd investigating another accident on Guatemala highway

March 28: Facebook covers up racism with white nationalism ban; Mexico shrugs off migrant blame; Smollett lawyer keeps straight face; Pakistan says no terror here

*Facebook bans 'white nationalism' to cover up its own targeted-ad racism

AMLO to Trump: don't blame Mexico for your Central American migrant problem

Smollett lawyer says Nigerian brothers wore whiteface to attack Jussie Smollett

Pakistan reports no terror camps at sites submitted by India

Georgia mayoral campaign meeting bars white media

March 29: MSNBC becomes MSDNC; Bolton's unrequited love; Tesla takes your secrets to the grave; Tinder tanks millennial sex rates

MSNBC political editor bullies journalist on behalf of DNC

Venezuelan defense minister wants Bolton to stop sending love notes

Tesla hoards all your data & coughs it up to junkyard or future owner

Tinder offers 'height-verification' as consolation prize for destroying your sex life