Poorly constructed hoaxes - the Jussie Smollett "hate crime," Kamala Harris' reinvention of herself as a hero of the black community - are disintegrating right and left, and Ilhan Omar has been viciously attacked by the entire media for calling out the biggest hoax of all - that the Democratic Party gives a half-baked fuck about "diversity" or inclusivity. This Muslim immigrant black female - who in theory should be heralded as the embodiment of progress by a party that presents itself as the champion of minority rights - is instead being condemned by a party leadership that has now admitted publicly this was all a divide-and-conquer show, that the only thing they really care about is keeping those AIPAC dollars flowing. Screw the minorities, screw the country, screw the oath they swore to uphold the Constitution - it's all about the Benjamins, baby (note to Ms. Omar - put that on a t-shirt & sell it on your website - you'll fund your re-election campaign in no time).


February 11: Both ends of the authenticity spectrum, fake news, & something sticks to Teflon Trudeau

Kamala Harris admits to smoking pot, but not to imprisoning thousands for smoking pot

Ilhan Omar apologizes for 'antisemitic tweets' after party leadership throws her under the bus

Bloomingdale's pulls "fake news" t shirt after journalists cry foul

Corruption probe targets Trudeau in Libyan contractor fraud case

Congressional leaders dodge shutdown...'on principle'


regarding those tweets...


February 12: 2+2=5, vaccine prostitution, AI learns to moralize

Feminist sues Twitter for false advertising over 'free speech' reputation

Women forced to have sex for ebola vaccine in Congo

Stoners trip over tiger when looking for place to smoke

AI loses debate, but will be repurposed to help the public understand 'issues,' IBM says

Trump thanks MSNBC for absolving him of collusion


February 13: War crimes, tax crimes, sex crimes, & crimes against reality

Ilhan Omar calls out war criminal for war crimes as he prepares for repeat performance in Venezuela

Amazon pays less than zero taxes on $11bn profits

Convicted rapist Bill Cosby is a 'political prisoner,' says Bill Cosby

Theresa May snacks on moldy jam, but does ergotism explain her policies?

NYTimes 'sources' take credit for sabotaging Iranian space program


February 14: The Facebook Stasi is real, but Smollett's "hate crime" wasn't; glyphosate causes cancer, the sky is blue, & illegal immigrants want to sue [my Valentine's Day poem - you're welcome]

Facebook tracks ex-employees & users it considers 'threats'

Jussie Smollett under investigation for faking 'hate crime'

Glyphosate ups cancer risk 41%, EPA-linked scientists say

ACLU & SPLC sue Trump administration for deporting asylum-seekers

Shutdown-averting spending bill passes both houses of Congress - but no wall


February 15: Pot calls kettle black; Smollett hoax unravels; Google spills the military beans

NYC mayor slams Amazon as disrespectful for pulling out of HQ deal that disrespected New Yorkers

Chicago police release Nigerian brothers held in Smollett hate hoax

Google map upgrade exposes Taiwanese military secrets

Mueller recommends 19-year sentence after Manafort double-crosses him in broken plea deal

White House press sec interviewed in Russiagate probe