Joseph McCarthy called - he wants his schtick back, but he loved the SotU. We'll always have socialism as a punching bag - and why not, since "duck & cover" was so much fun the first time around? Instagram your fallout shelter for a free 3-month supply of storable vacuum-sealed zombie deer meat! 


February 4: YouTube can't take thumbs-down heat, blows up the kitchen; Indians internalize no-kids propaganda; CNN in Deep State porn shoot

YouTube can dish it out, but not take it - 'dislike' button on the chopping block

Indian man proposes suing parents for birthing him without consent

Roger Stone lawyer claims Mueller prosecutor leaked indictment to CNN


February 5: SOTU decries McCarthyism while perpetuating McCarthyism; Black Hawks over LA; Catholics get screwed

Trump unites partisan hacks on both sides of the aisle with two-minutes-hate on socialism

Trump decries 'foolish wars' while unleashing one of the same in Venezuela

Black helicopters take LA in unannounced week-long 'military drill'

Pope Francis admits nuns sexually abused but claims to be 'working on it'


February 6: Pentagon wants MOAR PROPAGANDA; your phone is snitching; Monsanto seeds EU with stealth GMOs

Broke-ass Pentagon begs for more 'irregular warfare,' psychological operations

US telecoms sold users' location data to bounty hunters & unknown 3rd parties for years

French & German farmers forced to uproot crops after GMOs discovered in Monsanto seed lots


February 7: Who wants to blackmail a billionaire? Germany slaps Facebook on the wrist; heroin puppies' revenge

Bezos blows the whistle on 'dick pic' blackmail attempt by National Enquirer

Germany bans Facebook from cross-platform & 3rd party data collection

Colombian vet gets 6 years for using live puppies to mule heroin

CCTV footage of Roger Stone arrest leaks


February 8: Zombie deer, zombie politics; VA Dems get a taste of their own medicine

Mad-cow-like 'zombie deer disease' spreads to half the US, menacing humans

Candace Owens flayed for defending Hitler, or was it nationalism?

Dems call on VA Lt.Gov. to resign after second sex assault accuser comes forward