Hear no evil, see no evil, post no evil - but it has to come out sometime. You'd think we'd learn. Last week, without further ado...

Dec 3: Florida will be Florida; rats plan for post-sinking-ship life

Florida man posed as housewife to lure men for stealth gay porn 

FL elections chief Snipes un-resigns when Scott threatens her pension

CNN's Zucker threatens political run on Axelrod podcast

Trump lawyers seek double fees from Stormy & Avenatti


Dec 4: When pigs fly? Or does that oppress pigs? Flynn and an anonymous DoJ official get off, in different ways

NYPD takes to the skies with drone program

PETA expands PC protection to animals

Mueller recommends no jail for cooperating Flynn

Sex-abuser DoJ official escapes punishment, retires in anonymity

Ocasio-Cortez takes on Tesla: give back to the community


Dec 5: Vigilante justice and even the legal system works sometimes

Duterte sez: Catholic bishops are 'useless fools.' 'Kill them.'

USA Gymnastics declares bankruptcy in last-ditch ass-saving attempt

Brazilians cheer police shooting of jewel thief

Moonves investigation turns up more victims, blowjobs on call


Dec 6: Junior anti-sex league; robot uprising begins; academia bites back at CNN for Hill firing

Perennial porn crusade finds support on campus

Amazon robot puts human workers in hospital in bear mace "accident"

CNN called out for racist firing of Temple professor over pro-Palestine speech

Greece begs citizens for cash to expand navy


Dec 7: Facebook hates sex; WikiLeaks defends itself; rat tries to desert sinking ship, drowns anyway

Facebook quietly bans all discussion of consensual adult sex

WikiLeaks defends itself (and press freedom) against DNC crusade

Cooperatin' Cohen heading to prison anyway

Ocasio-Cortez threatens Trump Jr. with subpoena over mean tweet


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