While the fantastically dim bulbs of the American media establishment were splashing around in the urine-filled kiddie pool that was Trump's second impeachment trial, the important sociopaths were getting their tentacles primed for Cyber Polygon, which is an Event 201-style simulation meant to get Klaus Schwab's cyber-attack rocks off. Featuring not only the World Economic Forum but a bunch of the creeps from that previous simulation, it's supposed to replicate a Solar Winds-style cyberattack, and last year's participants included a host of horrors funded by the usual suspects (Microsoft, Facebook, Mastercard, the Hewlett Foundation - just read Whitney Webb's piece), such odious creatures as Tony Blair and Schwab himself, and the head of Israel's National Cyber Directorate, Yigal Unna, who apparently warned last year that a "cyber winter" of cyberattacks was "coming and coming faster than even I suspected." So basically the much-belabored Dark Winter but on steroids and uttered by an Israeli tech weasel. The Great Reset, in case it hasn't become screamingly clear to you yet, is designed to deliver control over humanity gift-wrapped to Israel's doorstep - the supremacist schmucks have even managed to dodge the vaccine certificates they're eager to force down the rest of our throats. And then leave our shriveled-up husks behind as they sell the last of our technology to China. Imagine if the US military and intelligence services actually had one set of balls between them - they'd have to actually do something about this situation! Lucky for Israel, they don't. More's the pity...

February 8: US pushes Israel's human wrongs back into UN; duhmocracy dies in darkness; if at first you don't succeed; encryption or bust

US will re-engage with UNHRC in order to force Israel down its throat, says Blinken

Less than 1 in 5 Americans think Our Democracy™ is working - & 2 in 3 think it's getting worse

Trump lawyers say 'insurrection' impeachment charge is unconstitutional & unprofessional

Telegram becomes #1 downloaded non-gaming app for January 

February 9: Timidity kills while OMFGVIRUS thrives & pod people flourish; Trump's neighbors Just Say No

**1 in 3 Americans no longer fear returning to pre-OMFGVIRUS life but wait for gov't signal that will never come

**Americans' routines have been disrupted: enter Pod Personality, abandon hope all ye who enter

Trump struggling to stay at Mar-a-Lago year-round as neighbors run spite op

February 10: Dorsey sells them a piece of blue sky; school to prison pipeline complete; cinema strange - or screwed

Twitter founder fleshes out decentralized Bluesky social network for investors as Twitter devolves

UC Berkeley bans students from solo exercise outdoors as lockdown extended indefinitely

Mask Up 'Murica, say CDC & Hollywood as dystopian vaccine nightmare looms

Joss Whedon slammed for poor treatment of Buffy actors on set after Avengers revelations 

February 11: Fourth Industrial Revolution screws workers; Israel invented cancel culture but Aussies are corbyning hard; Facebook hates you

US unemployment stays high despite Biden farting roses at inauguration ceremony

**Guardian columnist learns hard way that Israel invented 'cancel culture' after $ joke tanks w/ editor

Aussie bookstore gets caught in apology spiral over gender-crazed author guests

Facebook unveils enforcement report showing AI deleted 97% of 'hate speech' w/o a single complaint

February 12: Haley hates Trump this week; Swedes just wanna have side effects; Le Pen attacked from the right; Cuomo is a serial killer

Nikki Haley turns on Trump again with second thoughts about following him down latest hole

Swedish university proposes comparing vaccines across regions

Le Pen baffled at being put in position of defending Islam

**Cuomo aide admits he killed Grandma, opening door to prosecution - but don't expect an apology