The US has become the economic equivalent of a raging crackhead who regularly shows up to the local strip mall, sticks his gun in the clerk's face, and walks off with a ton of stuff on credit while leaving a stack of IOUs in his wake, promising to pay for his purchases at a later date. The crackhead doesn't actually produce anything (except borderline-illegible IOUs), yet the stores have all tacitly agreed to respect his IOUs because if they don't he won't just shoot up the one store, he'll shoot up the whole strip mall, and surely it's easier to just keep him happy - after all, he's got a high credit score, and surely he'll pay everyone back at some future date.

Humanity is hurrying toward an ignominious end; it's like our leaders are finally waking up to what a mess they've made of things and knowing they can't fix it within our lifetimes have just opted to nuke the whole species and get it over with in the hope they can avoid having their names go down in the history books as the parties responsible for this heinous mess.

February 1: Blame the victim; sue the planet

Belgian PM blames anti-lockdown protesters for swastika graffiti

UAE establishes 'space court' to settle off-planet corporate disputes

February 2: Bitchin' in the kitchen; predator/prey harmony

British man arrested for running soup kitchen in East Sussex park

Robinhood & corrupt hedge funds finally succeed in pushing GameStop stock price below $100 

February 4: Redefining 'small business'; thinking with the small head 

Roman Catholic Church got $3 billion in 'small business' Covid-19 aid

Be careful what you wank for: Pornhub promises to fight abuse by spying on users

February 5: How fake is your socialism; lying like a rug for fun & profit; modern-day slavery; extreme failure

AOC pleads with Twitter to shut down "Ocasio-Smollett" meme after her Capitol lie exposed

**Covid-19 flipflops from Fauci & friends keep people scared & stupid by design

Nevada lures Big Tech to desert by offering a chance to relaunch the 'company town'

**Pentagon desperate to purge 'extremists', but what does it think soldiers are?