The exquisitely choreographed raid on the Capitol is being used as a launch vehicle for Patriot Act Part 2 which itself is being used as a shortcut to the Great Reset. Professional scumbags like the Transition Integrity Project are foaming with delight at the chance to implement penalties for thoughtcrime/precrime/whatever 'brain damage' they can come up with to pathologize OMFGVIRUS dissenters, using this supposed attempt on the life of American democracy (spoiler alert: this does not exist) to ram through unprecedented surveillance powers. Don't want the experimental OMFGVIRUS vaccine? Don't worry, Cuomo is already using it to experiment on 'undesirables.' Give them the person and they will give you the crime (and the experimental "treatments" for that pesky brain damage causing such criminal insanity). 


January 4: Hack yourself; please don't throw me in the briar patch; cheese-eating surrender monkeys

SolarWinds hack came from within US, FireEye admits - while still blaming Russia

Cuomo threatens hospitals who don't vaccinate at max capacity with fines, no more vax

Trump jeers at Republican 'surrender caucus' for not backing his election crusade

January 5: Security theatre minus the security; studying the obvious

US intel insists latest SolarWinds hack 'only' affected 10 agencies at most

Researcher's study finds trans athletes remain stronger 2 years later; author pretends it doesn't 

January 6: Failing upwards; nobody loves Guaido; too little, too late, too planned

**Western governments couldn't have handled Covid-19 worse if they tried

EU backing away from faux "president" Guaido as even Venezuelan opposition drops him

VA & DC leaders belatedly send National Guard & state troopers to Capitol riot

January 7: Antifa's realer than the Easter Bunny; Musk has more $ than God; lawyer playacts scruples; WhatsApp laughs in your face

NYTimes finally admits Antifa is an actual group - while defending its actions in DC

Elon Musk surprised to find he's the richest man on earth (Rothschilds say what?)

Lawyer spontaneously develops conscience just in time to flee Trump team over Capitol riot 

WhatsApp says cough up your data to Facebook or GTFO not-so-encrypted platform

January 8: This is (not) what democracy looks like; professionally offended take offense; Pelosi's nuclear nightmare

**Big Tech's blanket censorship of sitting US president dispels any illusion of democracy

Professional whiners Sleeping Giants demand app stores ditch Parler over 'incitement'

Pelosi combusts over baseless claims that Trump will nuke something

January 9: Americans don't know how to protest but they take a mean riot selfie

**Social media's memory hole sucks in events AND people. Resistance must happen elsewhere