Many people seem to think now that 2020 is gone, 2021 will revert to normal (not the 'new' kind, either). Indulge in that false sense of complacency at your own risk. They've barely begun to flog the "dark winter" meme, and you can bet that Klaus "I opened the Ark of the Covenant and all I got was this half-melted face" Schwab isn't going to let this simulation finish without a big fat electro-magnetic pulse. He's already declared the world can never return to normal, a declaration echoed by the legions of bootlicking propaganda generators, and becomes Gates-level giggly when talking about the big fat hack attack looming in our future. 


Speaking of hack attacks, the Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network's Scenarios for Technology and International Development paper from 2010 featured not just Lock Step - the simulation we're living now - but Hack Attack, the third scenario in the text and the one we seem to be heading into now. Meanwhile, the Foundation already has its hooks into the food supply. But we're sure it's just a coincidence. After all, we all know powerful people never collaborate behind the scenes in our duhmocracy. That would be weird.

December 21: Run for your lives, literally; scumbags protecting scumbags; Poland challenges Big Tech; vaccine tantrum; here's (not) looking at you

Last-minute OMFGVIRUS holiday lockdown sends Brits running for the exits

No special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden, Barr says

Poland finds its balls & cracks down on spurious social media censorship

Iowa senator who questioned OMFGVIRUS profiteering blasted for being first in line for jab

ACLU denounces discriminatory & dystopian facial recognition tech at ports

December 22: Cadet see, cadet do; adding insult to injury; Teen Vogue dares you to call its bluff

West Point cadets caught in massive cheat following Pompeo's 'we lied, we cheated, we stole' speech

CNBC wants to share tone-deaf tips on OMFGVIRUS relief as US assets swirl the drain

**Congress gave more money to Israel than to Americans in bloated OMFGVIRUS relief bill

Teen Vogue says buy, don't lease, your custom-made designer genitalia

December 23: Indonesia won't bend the knee to Israel; due diligence what?; cough up your data; get woke, go broke

Indonesia rebuffs bribe to legitimize Israel as Trump admin goes all-out courting Muslim nations

FoxNews host hoaxed by animal rights activist pretending to be Smithfield Foods CEO

ACLU demands FBI turn over data on hacking phones

**Pandermonium is hazardous for your health - & your profits