There were flickers of rebellion as Cuomo, Newsom, Whitmer, and other power-crazed sociopathic governors declared Americans could not see their families for Thanksgiving. More than half reportedly dared to “mix households” and see their loved ones like normal human beings. The media establishment even had to remind people preparing to defy the executive order of the day that they were already supposed to be snubbing their relatives over different political beliefs, and thus disobeying the OMFGVIRUS order would be shooting themselves in the woke foot. Compounding the public shaming was Newsweek declaring the desire to break rules was positively correlated with support for Trump. It's too soon to tell if this mass civil disobedience represents the early signs of a wave of sanity sweeping the nation, or just a stubborn adherence to a rare, meaningful tradition, but it does give one a glimmer of hope - and that I'm thankful for </CHEESE>

But in all seriousness, we really should be screaming about KTDI and the insidious scumbaggery of these "no-mandate" mandates for a vaccine that hasn't even passed a perfunctory inspection (by bought and paid for agencies that are unlikely to draw any meaningful conclusions from even the most obvious data, but still). Unless you're planning to go native with the pod people. In which case, start practicing your blank stare, or better yet sign up for an icepick lobotomy (I've heard they're booked months in advance). 

November 16: Conspiracy fact; Big Tech to kill Orange Goose?; Godwin alert; DARPA derp

Trudeau speech name-checking the Great Reset forces many to realize it's no 'conspiracy theory'

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Twitter hires DARPA ex-hacker Mudge after massive celebrity-targeting hack

November 17: Pentagon can't manage its $; loathing Kamala is intersectional; Big Tech lies w/dogs, gets fleas

Pentagon fails 3rd audit in a row but promises books will be in order by 2027, really, we promise

**Just because the 'Manosphere' hates Kamala Harris doesn't mean we all shouldn't

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November 18: Want sportsball get jab; Wikipedia less shameful than double-agenting; de Blasio hates your kids

UK dangles football matches in exchange for going full Orwell with vaccine certificates

Canadian border officer insists Wikipedia, not the FBI, led him to grill Huawei CFO about Iran

De Blasio shuts down NYC schools 'indefinitely' bc OMFGVIRUS despite .17% positive rate

November 19: Crystal ball or crystal meth; Impeach Gretch; patronizing patriots; antivaxxers are terrorists, even brain damaged! 

NYC gyms & indoor restaurants will close in 2-3 weeks despite no uptick in Covid-19 deaths, says de Blasio

MI Republicans demand impeachment of Gov. Whitmer over abuses of power

MS state reps balk at governor's 'Patriotic Education Fund' brainwash boondoggle

UK terror chief says 'anti-vaccine' beliefs should be criminalized

**UCSF neurologist says conspiracy believers are brain-damaged, boosting weaponization of psychiatry

November 20: 'Monetary heroin' meet withdrawal; Nintendo closes barn door post-horse; Hillary hilarity; Cuomo is a serial killer

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Nintendo bans politics in 'Animal Crossing'...after Biden campaign built its own propaganda island

Clinton accusing Trump of putting ego before country in least self-aware tweet ever

Cuomo threatens Americans in their 'safe spaces' in creepy pre-Thanksgiving fearporn tweet