These are going up later than usual because of the need to construct an escape-hatch from the land of pods. That's all that need be said for now, wouldn't do to give away too many data points, but the iceberg has been sighted & the Titanic is going down, it's merely a question of when. I have such a nice chair on the deck, too, but at this point I would have to be delusional to just sit back & enjoy the view. As would you.

What has been done to this place is unforgivable.


October 12: Aussies say no; controlled demolition of NYC's soul; sticks & stones will break your career

Hundreds of Australian doctors demand end to Dictator Dan's lockdown due to massive 'collateral damage'

**How to destroy a cultural capital in 7 months: NYC's collapse was as avoidable as it is criminal

What's worse than being called a racist? Kennedy statement brings on flood of suggestions


October 13: Crime pays; steal this satellite; not your mom's voter suppression

Washington fines Twitter for election interference - but profits exceed the penalties

US unveils 'Artemis Accords' divvying the Moon up with earthbound nations but snubbing Russia & China

Mysterious cable cut tanks Virginia voter reg system on eve of deadline


October 14: Diversity fetish plumbs new depths; competitive shadowbanning for partisan billionaires

**Not enough black venture capitalists? What's next, not enough black war criminals?

Facebook exec with Dem pedigree admits to shadowbanning Hunter Biden laptop story

Twitter cracks down on Biden laptop story with never-before-invoked (& misapplied) policy on 'hacked materials'


October 15: Cognitive dissonance is Covid-19 symptom; citation needed; pandermonium rampant

Even WHO's European director thinks lockdowns should be a 'last resort,' so why the resurgence?

Murdoch thinks US is 'ready for Sleepy Joe,' says Daily Beast who totally has no dog in this fight wink wink

**Uniparty panders til it's blue (or red) in the face to lure black voters, but real solutions would appeal to everyone


October 16: Moar damage control; a threesome with Big Brother; why they call it cheating; blue pills only; neither candidate wants to win

Twitter replaces too-idiotic-even-for-them 'hacked materials' policy with 'disputed' warning

BoJo back in the bedroom as UK bans couples not living together from having sex

RNC sues Twitter for illegal in-kind election contributions to Biden via laptop story censorship

**Amazon bans James Perloff's Covid-19 book for wrongthink; 1984 in nonfiction section next?

**Trump & Biden are running a 'Producers' style scam as both try to dodge hot potato of US empire-collapse