(note to those confused about the date on this & the surrounding articles - this website has been intermittently knocked offline for the last month, & these are reposts for the many people who missed the articles)

It's been almost 20 years since 9/11, and the only thing humanity has apparently learned is that viruses are way cheaper than F-35s. Way to go, 'murica. Remind me to be proud of my culture once I climb out of the smoking crater it has become. We had so much potential, but squandered it by selling out to an organized crime operation in the Middle East who forgot to include the "never" part in that "never again" it shoves down the throats of the western world. Quel dommage. As our last remaining freedoms are hacked off like so many limbs by the Texas Israeli Chainsaw Massacre, don't be the guy/girl that has to tell their kids right before their door is kicked in that you stayed silent out of fear of getting labeled a feelthy antisemite by professional wolf-criers. Plenty of Jews want to end these scumbags too! It's safe! Speak now or forever hold your pieces together (spoiler alert - superglue doesn't last)

September 7: Saudi scramble; rich kids riot; Osama been jerkin'; Trumpenomics; sanity outbreak

8 Saudis convicted in Khashoggi slaying as Riyadh rushes to preempt Turkish trial

**Spoiled rich kid rioters & the cops who beat their peaceful colleagues have one thing in common: no accountability

NatGeo explains away Osama bin Laden's porn stash AND 9/11 discrepancies with "secret messages" deus ex machina

Trump warns US companies that outsource to China & threatens to decouple - with no $ fallout?

Trump slams Kamala Harris for 'anti-vax' comments as Dems are conned into taking up the cause of sanity

September 8: Zoom vs real bombing; 'scientists' behind BLM=health study declare biker rally murder scene

Texas man busted after threatening to turn Zoom-bombing into real bombing...for ISIS

Con-artist 'scientists' declare Sturgis rally was biggest superspreader event ever - but no science is involved

September 9: America's failures love lockdown; Macron's mask misdemeanors; Hillary bros won't quit; both parties killed Grandma; woke segregation levels up

**Lockdown fetishists would rather rat out their neighbors than go back to 'normal' because their only talent is obeying rules 

Macron removes mask to cough but mask mandates for French remain

Dems still psychotically blaming Susan Sarandon for their own failures as a political party

Uniparty system defends grandma-killing governors despite façade of Covid-19 conflict

UMich-Dearborn grovels after pushing the woke-segregation envelope with 'BIPOC' & 'non-BIPOC' cafes

September 10: US superiority complex deflates; sanity outbreak continues; dementia no longer political plus

NYTimes belatedly realizes the American Dream dried up & blew away long ago

Less than half the US would take 'Warp Speed' vax before Election Day (though plenty of idiots still trust Fauci)

Sanity prevails: six swing states think BOTH candidates are mentally unfit to be president

September 11: Call was coming from inside the house; police-defunders scuttled; Saudis on the barbie

**Google & other social media behemoths are the election meddlers they're claiming to fight

Judge rules Georgia county residents can't defund the police over Ahmaud Arbery shooting

9/11 families can depose Saudi suspects, judge rules, despite Trump administration's betrayal