If you can read this, congratulations! You caught my site on one of the few occasions it wasn't being knocked offline by busy little bitch beavers being buttered with bountiful bucks. For those who don't speak alliteration, that's "Israel is knocking my site offline on a daily basis, so clearly I am doing something right," which in another dialect translates to "your tax dollars are paying for this, sucker." The grift never ends. Meanwhile, you can pre-order Cynthia McKinney's forthcoming book - in which I wrote Chapter 13 about Police State Corona - here. Half the predictions I made back in March have already come to pass, but there's still time to head off the other half if we actually do it instead of sitting around bitching. Any takers?

August 3: Bullish on guillotines; TikTok tax; in case you forgot about Floyd; Singaporeans' surveillance privilege

**2/5 Americans may be evicted, so ruling class pushes tenant-beheading-landlord story to make it 3/5

Former Spanish king flees as Saudi corruption scandal resurfaces

Trump says Microsoft can buy TikTok - as long as the Treasury gets a cut

George Floyd bodycam footage supports 'overdose' & 'brutality' explanations

Welcome to Singapore, here's your beacon: Covid-19 tracking devices for tourists & residents alike 

August 4: Skewed priorities 101; Israeli Crimes: Beirut Edition; the coverup begins; Soros strikes in LA

**Mass freakout over 'n-word' ignores bigger problems menacing black community

Audi ditches banana-girl ad over supposed pedophilic undertones

Lady doth protest too much? Israel & Hezbollah both deny Beirut blast is rocket attack

Human Rights Watch director blames Beirut blast on Hezbollah before memory-holing tweet

Los Angeles DA's husband charged for 'menacing' BLM protesters on his porch with gun

Beirut explosions as seen from 15 angles fail to shed light on blast's cause

August 5: Stop in the name of OMFGVIRUS; insult to injury; everyone I don't like is a Russian Agent 

"Checkpoint Billy" de Blasio announces Covid-19 stops along bridges & tunnels into NYC

Parents of girl given 'death sentence' by NHS speak out over brutal bedside arrest

**State Dept releases projection-laden 'disinfo report' acknowledging failure to compete

August 6: Warp speedier; bureaucratitis; double standards; Papa Smurf goes to Tehran; Biden's still racist; AOC pushes Agenda 21; Snitch & Get Rich

Trump hints at Covid-19 vaccine available pre-election, because warp speed isn't fast enough

US election commission hamstrung by resignations can't even call a meeting as November 3 looms

Twitter slaps non-US-friendly state media with no-no labels while letting US & UK state outlets skate

Elliott Abrams, failing upward, adds Iran to his remit ahead of hotly anticipated sanctions vote

Biden tells black voters they all think alike, unlike 'diverse' Latinos

AOC Green New Deal speculative short nominated for Emmy for...news analysis?

Russians & Iranians spammed with 'Rewards for Justice' snitch & get rich election meddling offers 

August 7: Mental monopoly or bust; whitewashing Black Lives Matter; accident no longer waiting to happen; your thoughts are not your own

**Trump targeting TikTok to cement US monopoly on English-speaking social media users globally

**Oprah & Women's March founders team up to grift on Breonna Taylor's death

Air India tragedy in Kerala renews concerns over 'tabletop' airport placement

US intelligence says whoever you vote for in 2020, it's because of foreign meddling