When everything is racist, nothing is racist, and this only encourages racists to climb on board the woke train. Who's the most racist of all? (Ask this guy...) In the same way, if the very act of imparting knowledge in an academic setting is (as these psychopaths say) a colonialist act, and teachers have no right to impose knowledge (ha! what a white concept) on students because it implies the learner is somehow less-than, well, who needs to pay teachers all that money when schools can just rope in 'facilitators' from the community, pay them a token sum so as not to appear too exploitative, and finish the transformation of schools into combination holding cells/programming pens without the risk some kid who against all Common-Core odds actually does learn to read makes a connection with a teacher who shows them what to read? The ethnomathematics brigade, derided by the Right as an excess of the Left, is just another tool of the neoliberal uniparty to dismantle all possible escape routes out of the abject pod-person misery that will make today's poverty look like a walk in the park. Eviction protection for millions of Americans ran out today; unemployment runs out next week. "Will get offended 4 food" signs will sprout like weeds, and no good deed will go unpunished.

July 13: 4 legs good, 2 legs bad; UN goes full OMB; sloth unmasked; 2+2=white supremacy is the new 2+2=5

Trump hints police should rebel against Democrat-led city governments

UN rapporteur warns of "Trump effect" squashing press freedom worldwide 

Ted Cruz spotted on American Airlines flight sans mask triggers meltdown

**Math is racist, 2+2 is white supremacy & 'ethnomathematics' is neoliberalism in woke clothing

July 14: Death penalty for late homework; ICE ices mass student deportation; billionaires invite guillotines

Black girl sent to juvenile hall during pandemic for 'probation violation': not doing homework

Trump admin rolls back expulsion of foreign students at online-only colleges after lawsuit threats

**'Billionaires are people too' or 'break out the pitchforks'? Anon Bloomberg profile exudes 'eat the rich'

WhatsApp outage sends users scurrying to Twitter to confirm sanity

July 15: Out of sight, out of mind; pigs get poked; loose Cannon stands ground before corbyning; free advice from Farrakhan

**Police departments ditching mugshots doesn't solve justice system's race problem, but hides it well

3 NYC cops wounded after Brooklyn Bridge clash with protesters

Nick Cannon lashes out at Viacom after mentioning Rothschild amid anti-white racism gets him fired

Owens bristles as Charlamagne points out firing Cannon for "Jews run the media" comment proves point

Nation of Islam reposts Farrakhan's call for Jews to turn away from Talmud amid Cannon 'antisemitism' spat

July 16: Twitter hack inside job; Russiagate dead horse gets a flogging; police drones say tits or GTFO

Twitter employee colluded with bitcoin scammers who hacked celebrity accounts

**CIA discovered waging preemptive cyber-warfare since 2018, but look over there! Russia hacked our vaccines!

Minneapolis rolls back topless ban after complaints about peeping-Tom cop drones spying on skinny-dippers

July 17: Israel-Firsters eye Engel's chair; Pompeo takes a bite out of rights; even UK scientists don't buy Russian vax hack

Bowman victory over Israel-Firster Engel triggers war over Foreign Affairs chair

**Pompeo's efforts to redefine 'human rights' are a prelude to violating more of them

Imperial College vax project head says US hoarding, not Russian hacking, main challenge