Academia is climbing aboard this 'punish everyone who does not subscribe to bringing back segregation' bandwagon, even though it's not black people pushing this narrative at all - just being used as ideological human shields for when the white people inevitably revolt (now what group do we know that does this with other people...can't quite remember....sigh). When there are only a few handfuls of your 'group' on the planet and you've set your mission as dominating the rest of its inhabitants, obviously the only way you can win is to set those inhabitants at each others' throats. Why are we making it so easy for them? If the working class doesn't make common cause across racial (and gender, and age, and blah blah blah) lines, we will be killed off. It's that simple. And for those who thought the idea of a universal digital identity linked to vaccine uptake was a Conspiracy Theory™, kindly suck it.

July 13: Black Votes Matter; Karen must suffer; murder still illegal; Kaepernick gets rich; foreign students ICEd; TikTok wannaban; what's wrong with Bloomington?

**Black Lives Matter coopts black resistance to push Democratic Party's agenda

Central Park Karen charged, but Twitter says it's not enough

UN rapporteur: international community MIA on illegal drone strikes like Soleimani murder

Colin Kaepernick's first-look Disney deal elicits outpouring of scorn & envy

ICE warns foreign college students those taking online-only classes will be deported

Pompeo puts TikTok on notice after Indian ban

Bloomington protesters try to stop car with their bodies, shocked when it hits them

 July 14: Encryption leads to torture, in 5Eyes wet dream; art is hate; UN confirms WHO belongs to Gates; Cali profs revive segregation; MSM pileon backs Pompeo's TikTok ban

EncroChat crack leads to discovery of shipping-container "torture chambers"

California couple who painted over BLM mural charged with hate crime

Trump officially pulls US out of WHO, leaving Eugenics Man Gates in charge

California professors' union demands segregation as part of racial justice package

Hatepimps come out of woodwork to justify a TikTok ban with OMFGNAZIS & privacy complaints 

July 15: Roger Stoned; Lady Antebellum trips over hypocrisy; Princeton wants bribes to hire black people; Woke Don Lemon

Facebook bans accounts linked to Roger Stone. Proud Boys, & Jair Bolsonaro

Lady Antebellum sued over stealing "Lady A" rename from black blues singer

Princeton faculty say punish wrongthink by defunding departments & bribe for affirmative action

Don Lemon was telling black people to pull up their pants just 8 years ago. What happened? 

July 16: Goya: wise move or suicide?; Dataminr gets caught doing the obvious; de Blasio & Minneapolis court let hypocrisy shine; not-lynched man totally not lynched

Goya CEO's Trump praise brings down the ragemobs, but did it sell more beans?

Dataminr fed Twitter data to police, fulfilling name's promise despite pledges not to

De Blasio cancels large events through September, except BLM protests, because of course

Minneapolis judge gags George Floyd cops to not taint jurors - despite 2 months of nonstop coverage

Investigation shows Robert Fuller not lynched, but BLM protesters still believe

July 17: Amazon mea-culpas; tech-owned Trump threatens France over tax; voting blows dead cats; Race2Dinner is race to the bottom; Ken & Karen gun-jacked

Amazon says demand employees delete TikTok was just an oopsie

Trump threatens France with 25% import tax if they don't lay off taxing Big Tech

12-years-dead cat gets voter registration app in Atlanta

Wayfair insists supremely creepy overlap between product names & missing kids is nothing

**Race2Dinner's grifters aren't interested in racial harmony - it'd put them out of a job

St. Louis cops grab 'Ken & Karen' McCloskey couple's guns on search warrant