A big thanks to everyone who helped get the word out to law enforcement about the fireworks plot. Not that they don't have all summer to torch the city, but as of right now it's still standing, and that's no small accomplishment. A big no-thanks to the Mossad goons who keep blanking my site - but you'll get yours in the end. 

Meanwhile, we're supposed to believe Ghislaine Maxwell is in government custody, Cuomo is presidential material, and the 'rona is causing a "nationwide coin shortage." Makes perfect sense! When in doubt, appeal to "safety," attack the questioner as insufficiently patriotic/virus-reverent, and report them to the nearest Karen nest. 

June 29: Abortions for everybody; Stop Lying For Profit; Cuomo reminds everyone he's a killer; media hates small business

SCOTUS ruling strikes down Louisiana abortion clinic restrictions

**ADL & Soros extort Facebook under cover of "hate speech" 

Cuomo's "COVID mountain" elicits oohs & ahhs, but not the kind he expected

**MSM blames small business for coronavirus case spike - pay no attention to those protests

June 30: Occupy pork plant; blame China redux; #Resistance runs out of ideas

NYPD clashes with City Hall occupiers on eve of vote to defund police by $1bn

FCC declares Huawei & ZTE "national security threats"

**Kellyanne Conway's Trump-hating daughter embraced by #Resistance vampires

July 1: CHAZ gets CHOPped; Tennessee BBQ threatened with torching; Confederate statues doomed

**Seattle's CHAZ was destined for failure to set an example for all future "anarchists"

Chattanooga BBQ threatened with arson after phony report of pro-police donations

Richmond mayor rushes Confederate statues off pedestals in extralegal purge

July 2: Justice for Breonna Tay-uh, a recalcitrant porn star; Ghislaine gets CYA charges; Dems rejoice in Cain karma

**'Justice for Mia Khalifa' makes a mockery of the term 'justice' & contract law

Ghislaine Maxwell arrested in New Hampshire on minor charges

Maxwell charged with perjury over sex crimes - but not sex crimes themselves

Liberals can't resist mocking Herman Cain after he tests positive following Trump rally

July 3: ACLU sheds last of its credibility; Black Lives Matter except when they contradict the DNC 

ACLU pounces on anti-BLM protest law, but MIA on anti-pipeline protest laws 

**BLM is the Democratic Party in activists' clothing - & activists are doomed if they can't do better