Independence Day is coming up - do you know where YOUR Freedom™ is? Presumably it was spooked by a month of solid fireworks and ran into traffic, where it was hit by a self-driving car. I'm just imagining a church basement full of alcoholic bald eagles smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee and talking about how great it used to be back in the day when they didn't have these damn zionist shills using their image to sell war crimes, torture, and civil asset forfeiture. When birds of prey have second thoughts about the ideals they're being used to represent, it might be time to reevaluate the direction of the country - but that time came and went a long time ago.

Seriously, though - especially if you live in New York - be careful.

June 22: Quick everyone, look at China! Let them eat yellowcake; pander wars heat up 

Pompeo slams China's 'political prosecution' of 2 Canadians in latest pot-kettle encounter

State Dept slaps 'foreign mission' restrictions on 4 more Chinese media outlets

Bolton has his yellowcake & eats it too, insists Iran had enriched uranium because Mossad said so

Biden attacks Trump from the right on Venezuela, quashing brief flicker of sanity

June 23: The slushies have eyes; unfunny comedians circle the drain; de Blasio goes boom; hedgehog pricked

Australians balk at facial recognition rollout in 7-Eleven stores

**Peel back 'woke' patina & it's blackface all the way down: #CancelKimmel for his hypocrisy

De Blasio unveils fireworks task force after NYCers' noisy protest

Porn star Ron Jeremy charged with sexually assaulting 4 women 

June 24: Please sir may I have some more war crimes/blackmail; Covidiots unite; kill your idols; why we can't have nice things

Pompeo to Israel: go right ahead with that illegal West Bank annexation!

Dershowitz publishes Epstein accuser's deposition naming Israeli ex-PM as sex partner

Tri-state area governors adopt 14-day mandatory quarantine for 9 states with (alleged) case spikes

Mashable cheers on DIY acts of historical vandalism with hip criminal how-to

**Elite censors won't rest until even the Bronies are subject to 'hate speech' dictatorship

June 25: Dear whitey, your pandering fools no one; your echo chamber is ready, sir

BET founder mocks woke whites self-flagellating over BLM by yanking statues & TV shows

Hundreds of protesters occupy park near City Hall demanding $1bn budget cut to NYPD

**Media establishment smears Parler as 'far-right' despite popularity with milquetoast GOP

June 26: Cops embrace small-screen stardom; Gigglin' Gates hates consent; the science of stupid; governing is for losers 

**Why are 'bad cops' piling on cartoonish violence when they know the world is watching?

Bill Gates admits main impediment to Covid-19 vaccine rollout is consent - but who cares about that

Watching Hannity makes you die of Covid-19! and other liberal media science facts

House Democrats pass DC statehood bill, decolonize District of Columbia to Douglass Commonwealth