As well-trained provocateurs con crowds desperate for leaders into reenacting their favorite scenes from the "Purge" films, the OMFGVIRUS was briefly declared over - the virus of "white supremacy" had replaced it as the real threat. Never mind that the pigs who started it all were afflicted less with "white supremacy" than "pig supremacy," or that the same pigs were universally condemned by all racial and political groups - gotta keep hammering at those weak spots lest an alliance congeal against the real enemy. Now the buzzword is "defund the police" - not "reform," or even "demilitarize," they skip straight to "defund" knowing that two thirds of the US population is against that idea. This is all being done with surgical precision, and unfortunately it seems to be working. While the massive protests taking place on the streets of American cities are born of a very genuine discontent (you can tell because the signs they're holding are handmade - no joke, that says a lot), it's being re-routed, color revolution style, into a movement to enable a swarm of tech-enhanced turbo-Karens who will oppress you more methodically & insidiously than the current pigs ever could. Can't imagine such a thing? They can.

June 1: Uncle Sam's jealous; Koronavirus Kommissar punishes law-abiding; cartoonishly evil pigs; bait bricks blossom; corona who?

Pompeo warns Germans against Huawei spying - only the NSA is allowed to eavesdrop on Berlin

Cuomo punishes New Yorkers with curfew after out-of-town looters lay waste to Soho

Louisville police chief takes early retirement after cops shoot beloved local BBQ owner

Cities across America sprout piles of mysterious 'bait bricks' tempting peaceful protesters to riot

**Social distancing scrapped in favor of burgeoning race war - & guess what'll get the blame for the Second Wave

June 2: Milquetoast defiance; battle of the idiots; programming your kids; made-to-order race rage

**Mistaking Zuckerberg for a free speech champion shows you're every bit the "dumb fuck" he claims

Cuomo hints at 'displacing' de Blasio after curfew predictably fails to stop looters 

Nickelodeon's 9-minute "I can't breathe" PSA divides parents on kiddie propaganda 

Fake Black Lives Matter prankster gets random NYC women to kneel & apologize for their privilege

June 3: Drop the docs; no plane no pain; Amazon adds insult to injury; health "experts" lower the bar; (some) black lives matter

Donald Junior urges Barr to release rumored comms linking Antifa to Dem elites

US bars Chinese passenger airlines from landing after Beijing refuses to let Delta & United back in 

Amazon quietly cuts $2 hourly coronavirus bonus as Bezos' fortune nears $150 billion

Hundreds of health 'experts' sign letter absolving George Floyd protesters of Covid-19 risk

Black trans woman beaten by mob in Minneapolis after car accident

June 4: Putting the CON back in convenient; royals embrace the culling; Barr blusters; Facebook ramps up thought-control

**Surgisphere's fraudulent hydroxychloroquine study conned medical elites eager to demonize the drug

**Prince Charles salivates over 'golden opportunity' Covid-19 suffering creates for "great reset"

Barr warns 'extremist groups' using protests as cover for violence their days are numbered

Facebook labels wrongthink 'state-owned media' with warning ahead of election crunch 

June 5: Superficiality of globalism; bad apples fall together; Bill of Rights Bingo; why recover when you can lie; media hypocrisy scales new heights 

**Flags highlight divisions, but ditching them doesn't remove the underlying issues

All 57 Buffalo riot cops quit unit in protest after 2 suspended for knocking down elderly protester 

DC mayor shows National Guard the door in rare Third Amendment dust-up

Post-lockdown "recovery" is illusory, but not for the reasons the never-Trumpers think

**Objections to Tom Cotton's shoot-the-protesters op-ed from the lead consent-manufacturer for wars ring hollow

June 6: Dancing nurses go military; Trump blamed for world's evil

**Macarena-dancing National Guardsmen are the Tiktok nurses of the police brutality plandemic

**German media deems Trump 'fire-devil' after week of police brutality riots

June 7: Times amputates Cotton-balls; CrossFit to be tied; Romney enters pandermonium; Randy Andy sweats; Charlottesville redux

NYTimes opinion editor resigns after Cotton kerfuffle as paper hints at section overhaul

CrossFit CEO's failure to worship at twin altars of Covid-19 & George Floyd signs brand's death warrant

#Resistance embraces 'racist' Romney after Black Lives Matter photo-op

Prince Andrew summoned by US authorities to testify in Epstein criminal proceedings

Car ramming & shooting at Seattle protest reeks of Charlottesville