In the blink of an eye, Operation OMFGVIRUS has been swapped out for Operation Race War, and don't you dare ask what happened to our bleak socially-distanced future - the aim is to get us to relax just enough to almost believe it was all a bad dream before whacking us with the Second Wave (to be blamed on all those irresponsible protesters - whatever could have made them all disregard our SAGE advice and flood the streets to demand justice? Surely not a pack of malevolent media vultures gleefully cackling over the military precision with which we're being clobbered with each successive blow - just when you thought the lockdown was over, it's curfew time! and was that a local ADL representative who just tossed that brick through your window? I could have sworn i saw him at Temple the other week, what's he doing wearing that armband...) and revealing they've been contact-tracing us all along, and aren't we lucky that they have, because there are criminals about

It's all happening so fast, which is by design - better to deluge the vigilant and keep us playing whac-a-mole with an increasingly ominous array of "new normals" while the fear-paralyzed remain glued to their chairs and the well-intentioned pour into the street eager to prove they're good people by getting arrested for a cause they've been told they understand. How to wake people up to the fact they're pawns in one big fat long con? There isn't much time, but these guys have the right idea for getting a mass awakening going - a traveling multimedia show, coat the bitter pill of sociopolitical reality in the joy of community, performance, celebration, etc. Merely resuming public gatherings again is direly needed to heal communities psychologically decimated by lockdowns and rioting. Set up an enticing display at the center of town or in some community space, lure the people in with music and big screens and shiny objects, and you're halfway there - the thought-stopping techniques of the Cult of Corona having been neutralized through the process of an individual having voluntarily taken the initiative to visit that fascinating-looking show that has come to town. Adaptable as needed for different communities (if you're a New Yorker and are interested in doing something here, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., serious inquiries only). We only have a few months before the other shoe drops, and those who know me know I'm not an alarmist, but it's now or never for the revolution, and I don't mean this cheesy fake race-war "Revolution™" we're being served up lukewarm leftovers-style in the streets of every major American city right now. We have every reason to protest, but our energy is being hijacked by the narrative managers for a regime-change scam designed to provoke further crackdowns. Which are already happening. Don't give them what they want. Psy-op the psy-oppers. 

May 25: Millennials love robots; hidin' Biden; Kushner makes his move; Twitter bounces checks

**Millennials flock to robot bankers during Covid-19 crisis - but do they love 'bots or hate human bankers?

Biden's Memorial Day black face-hugger getup inspires meme-mania

After botching Covid-19 & Middle East peace, Kushner takes aim at GOP platform

Twitter unverifies journalist & podcaster who interviewed notorious wrongthinkers

May 26: Fired corona IG quits; Moore doc gets the boot; social distancing for brothels; SpaceX makes powerful friends

Demoted Pentagon IG calls it quits as list of fired Obama officials grows

**If at first you can't succeed...Photog gets Moore doc deplatformed over 4-second copyright complaint

Swiss sex workers org proposes lengthy guidelines for reopening brothels - including position recs

SpaceX inks deal with US Army to test Starlink satcom capabilities 

May 27: Lockdowns killing homeless; Operation Race War; Cuomo memory-holes kill order

US homeless dying at high levels as Covid-19 shutdowns nix sanitation, shelter

**Ruling class trades in post-George Floyd racial & political unity for media-enhanced race war narrative

Cuomo deploys memory hole to pretend he didn't order nursing homes to accept Covid-19 patients

May 28: Trump takes aim at section 230; congressional catfight; #deathto sociopathic mommyblogger

Trump signs executive order targeting social media monopolies' Section 230 protection

'Mean Girls of DC' Grenell & Swalwell trade Twitter jabs over Russiagate

**Mommyvlogger who 'rehomed' autistic Chinese adopted child is social media solipsism incarnate

May 29: Twitter says shut up; Van Jones plays Malcolm X; pigs disavow umbrella man; moar sanctions; Brooklyn pig roast

Twitter hides Trump tweet for 'glorifying violence' even after White House account reposts

CNN's Van Jones warns white liberal audience they're worse for black people than KKK

Not the droid you're looking for: St. Paul PD denies officer is infamous 'umbrella man' of riot fame

Trump threatens sanctions & end to economic 'special treatment' for Hong Kong

150+ arrested after protesters take revenge on savage cops by torching police van & invading precincts