Looking at a program like "Operation Warp Speed," in which the Trump administration picks the most corrupt pharmaceutical executive it can find, who oversaw the development of at least two vaccines documented to do significantly more harm than good (Pandemrix, Cervarix) and is heavily invested in a 'frontrunner' company making a totally new kind of vaccine (that has never made a vaccine before and thinks animal safety trials are for pussies); speeds up the development to a tiny fraction of the usual approval process so that even the biggest vaccine cheerleaders quail in terror, announces the military will be responsible for delivering the shots, and orders up a few hundred million 'special' needles in case anyone thinks you're not serious about actually doing something this crazy, I'm beginning to think that maybe the government doesn't have our best interests in mind! 

The preceding was sarcasm, a form of humor that went extinct in early 2020 when the absurdity unleashed on a daily basis imploded Poe's Law. Subsequently, attempting to parody an extreme point of view merely resulted in that point of view coming to exist somewhere in reality. Humanity quickly learned to stop making jokes, but not before civilization was nearly destroyed. Case in point - the concept referenced in the subject line of this post actually exists, in the mind of the WHO at least. Here, have a nice dancing virus

May 11: A plane in pain can't fly in the rain; salivating Soros; Twitter declares all uncertainty anathema

Lockheed Martin fixes 103 of 111 of F-35's life-threatening flaws, but don't worry, it's safe

Soros salivates at post-pandemic possibilities, predicting demise of Trump & Xi

Twitter expands definition of Covid-19 wrongthink to include 'unverified' & 'disputed' info - i.e. all science 

May 12: Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice...won't get fooled again

**It's no surprise fewer than 2 in 5 Americans trust the government on Covid-19 - they've been lied to for decades

Fauci & Paul lock horns over lockdown's impact on kids

**CNN preys on virus-fearing audience with bald-faced lie that 2/3 won't return to normal without vaccine

May 13: National insecurity state through the lens of the New Pearl Harbor & the New New Pearl Harbor

FBI accidentally reveals classified name of Saudi national who helped babysit 9/11 hijackers

**NY & Washington's contact tracing programs mask incompetence with authoritarianism

May 14: Clickbait sells but no one's buying; not so Bright testimony; US media wants moar dead Russians

**Buzzfeed cuts UK & Australia staff as woke clickbait succumbs to Covid-19

NIH 'whistleblower' says listen to scientists or die of plague

**Western media pouts over Russia's 'suspiciously' low Covid-19 death count

May 15: Koronavirus Kommissar strikes again; policing gets even moar racist; Covid-19 jab will probably kill you

Cuomo raises eyebrows with dueling deadlines as lockdown orders extended

**University researchers try to sneak AI-enabled phrenology into policing under cover of Covid-19 & precrime

**Trump's 'vaccine czar' already botched one vaccine response to a pandemic. Why give him another chance?