You can invade some of the countries all of the time, but you can't invade all of the countries some of the time. i think that's how the saying goes, anyway. Ask Silvercorp, they're the experts at botched invasions. Meanwhile, the Fed has the great stinking chutzpah to blame the 1918 flu pandemic for the election of Hitler, even though it was German economic policies (with a little help from Wall Street) that were actually responsible. Preemptively shifting responsibility for WW3, or just an attempt to revise history while no one's looking? 

May 4: Defectors vs. defective; monopolies beget monopolies; beach wars engage

**North Korean defectors apologize for rumors about Kim Jong-un's death. Will media establishment?

GoogleApple contact tracing platform about to give birth to a litter of bouncing baby monopolies

Californians, New Yorkers defiantly take to the beach as governors tighten screws 

May 5: Fed blames flu for Hitler; college kids love censorship; Trump says not our piglets

**NY Fed blames 1918 flu for 1933 election of Hitler in futile grasp at revisionism

Three-quarters of US college kids want "threatening" ideas banned from campus

Trump disavows "Bay of Piglets" botched invasion of Venezuela 

May 6: First world problems; one percent problems; NYC commits seppuku; universities go Black Mirror; Facebook launches MiniTru

**'Health at Any Size' reveals hypocrisy with Adele skinny-shaming

Cuomo divvies up the state between his billionaire pals: Gates, Schmidt & Bloomberg

Too little, too late: NYC subway closes overnight for cleaning...after 3 months of pandemic

**Universities devising dystopian social credit "risk" score for students: coming soon to society at large

Facebook names Oversight Board, pissing off whole political spectrum

May 7: More 'rona in White House; hairdresser heroics; Australia & US suicides will dwarf OMFGVIRUS

Trump valet tests positive for Covid-19, setting media establishment gibbering

Texas hairdresser sprung from jail after reopening salon in defiance of lockdown

Australia & US facing massive suicide spike likely to dwarf coronavirus deaths 

May 8: "It would be called an invasion"

Trump pooh-poohs Bay of Piglets, promising Venezuela his full attention with "army" next time