Even as the US continues to shove its warped brand of "democracy" down the throats of innocent people abroad, Americans at home are forced to consume the same lie as their tax dollars' foreign victims. Even the pretense of voter participation is rapidly evaporating, with one of the preeminent US Papers of Record™ publishing a straight-faced call for oligarchs to have more power to choose the Commander in Chief (joke's on them - oligarchs already have all the power!) only to quietly retitle it after a backlash they must have expected (somewhere on the sidelines a team of RAND Corp analysts was recording the various attributes of this Backlash: was it more prolonged than the backlash to Howard Schultz's plea for billionaires to be referred to as "people of means"? more intense than the backlash to Bret Stephens making the case for Ashkenazi IQ advantage while disproving his own thesis through his very existence? could it conceivably be blamed on Russian Bots without provoking a secondary backlash?). And through this, "Rapture Mike" Pompeo has the utter bacon-wrapped chutzpah to claim Iran's elections are undemocratic...

February 17: Uncivil liberties; Twitter jail vs. real jail; Nevada isn't Iowa...it hopes

**ACLU has gone from defending free speech to squelching it

Twitter mysteriously locks Wikileaks account ahead of Assange extradition hearings

**Nevada caucus volunteers warn repeat of Iowa fiasco imminent

February 18: Ethics? We don't need no stinking ethics! Money, sex, power edition

Massachusetts congressman (& ethics committee leader!) plundered campaign warchest for gambling debts

**Boy Scouts file for bankruptcy, but their doors remain open to predators & victims alike

**Bloomberg can run from Trump comparisons by declaring him "Bernie's new bro," but he can't hide

February 19: Oligarchy dies in darkness; pigeons in politics; fast food fictions

**Elites deserve more of a say in choosing the president, WaPo complains, with straight face

Pigeons in MAGA hats unleashed on downtown Las Vegas ahead of Democratic debate

**Burger King virtue-signals about what isn't in its food, while keeping quiet what still is

February 20: Even US apologists can't keep their narrative straight; deepfake hypocrisy; Russia invades Ireland

US military spokesman says 'terrorists' menacing Idlib, but media ignores him & keeps blaming Assad

Only Bloomberg is allowed to post doctored videos in a post-deepfake-crackdown social media world

**Russia is invading Ireland, cry Cold War fetishists milking earlier fake story

February 21: Foot in mouth fashion; Weinstein on the brink; zombie collusion; EU's transatlantic facial panopticon

**Armani likens sexy ads & fashion trends to rape, turning #MeToo into the season's least tasteful trend

Weinstein jury can't decide on most serious charges, but agreed on sex crimes carrying 25+ years

Clinton embraces Russian Collusion Revival Tour in wake of latest evidence-free allegations

**EU mulling interlinked network of facial recognition databases connected to US surveillance state