Peace is war, under the Orwellian new plan to resolve the Israel-Palestine conflict by definitively crushing the latter beneath the zio-fascist bootheel. Not that anyone expected any less - but setting one's expectations at rock bottom, one hopes not to be disappointed further. One would be wrong. The totalitarian blueprints put on ice following the bioterror panics ginned up in the wake of 9/11 are still lurking in the US legal system, just waiting for a WHO-declared pandemic to be summoned. Corona-chan, is that you?

January 27: Bolton's revenge; no free lunch for green card holders; never-Trumper tries to shame GOP

Bolton manuscript's quid-pro-quo claim inflames desperate Dems as impeachment limps on 

Supreme Court lifts restriction on implementing 'public charge' benefits test for immigrants

Never-Trumper launches hashtag campaign to shame GOP ahead of Trump removal vote

January 28: Dems prepare to lose in 2016 redux; 'Steal of the Century' underwhelms, horrifies

DNC unveils deja-vu convention staff featuring Podesta, other Hillary & Obama vets

Trump trips over al-Aqsa mosque, literally & figuratively, while unveiling peace-free 'peace plan'

"Jerusalem is not for sale": Palestine's Abbas scorns Trump 'peace plan'

US vassal-states embrace 'peace plan,' but independent actors don't - & neither does EU

January 29: NAFTA replaced; Warren demands moar censorship; media establishment hate Americans

Trump signs USMCA trade deal, fulfilling election pledge to replace NAFTA

Warren calls for criminalizing election disinfo, expanding social media censorship

**Media establishment mistakes its own dumbed-down content for demand from a dumb audience

January 30: coronavirus used to bludgeon China; Pentagon admits Iraq permission slip MIA; Republicans literal demons; & speaking of demons...

**Western media condemns China's 'authoritarian' response to coronavirus - but no response would be accepted

Pentagon admits Patriot batteries haven't been deployed due to lack of permission from Iraq

Nobel-winning New York Times economist calls Republicans 'actual demons,' zombies

Clinton dodges process server for Tulsi Gabbard defamation lawsuit...twice

January 31: Trump wants landmines Obama scorned; Soros puts contract out on Zuck; DNC opens debates to Bloomberg bucks

**Trump reverses Obama-era ban on landmines - not because he wants mines, but because Obama

Soros demands Zuckerberg's ouster from Facebook after promised regulation fails to materialize

DNC ditches donor threshold to accommodate billionaire Bloomberg on debate stage