Establishment gatekeepers have warned their charges: publish anything that harms a hair on ol' Sniffy McBloodyEye's head, and you'll be smeared as a Russian Collaborator, based on a hack that may never have happened, diagnosed by a company with connections to both the NSA and Russiagate mainstay Crowdstrike. Did we mention that this company, Area 1, is running cybersecurity for "about half of the major 2020 presidential candidates" and has also claimed - again, sans proof - it has blocked "attempts by foreign governments to break into campaigns' networks"? Why, between this con-job and the polls that show Sanders mopping the floor with both the Massachusetts senator who called him a liar on national TV and the senile old child-pawer who refuses to give up his dreams of being president despite being all but guaranteed a three-time-loser, it's almost like the Democratic establishment has already decided it will throw the 2020 election in order to pin its "loss" on Those Dastardly Russians. Instead of merely being pilloried on PropOrNot, journalists perceived as being "soft on Russia" - i.e. anti-war - will be doxxed on Mirotvorets and stalked (and worse) offline as the worst excesses of Ukraine's US-backed fascist regime come home to roost. 

January 13: Can we interest you in Fear; encryption causes terrorism; even France's lawyers have more of a clue than US; 23andMe pimps your genes

Democratic establishment soils its drawers as Sanders takes lead in polls - voters brace for fake "controversies"

Barr declares Pensacola shooting 'act of terrorism,' dismisses 21 Saudis, but still wants Apple's encryption

Lawyers back France's #GreveGenerale, ditching robes en masse to protest Macron pension cuts

**23andMe cashes in on customers' genetic data, but don't expect a cut - or your privacy back

January 14: Dueling makes a comeback; Microsoft in the head; establishment voices demand preemptive censorship; things falling out of the sky

Kansas man demands trial by combat in custody battle

Microsoft CEO brings down India's wrath with ham-handed CAA virtue-signaling

**Establishment goons use Burisma 'hack' report to preemptively quash all criticism of Biden links, corruption

Rockets land near coalition Camp Taji weeks after foreign soldiers told to leave Iraq

Dozens injured as Boeing 777 with mechanical problems dumps jet fuel on elementary schools outside LAX

January 15: Fake officer for a fake alliance; an encrypted phone walks into a Barr; dude where's my mortar; Facebook adds insult to injury

Oops: senior Swedish officer found faking after decades in sensitive military intel roles & NATO

**Apple trips over its privacy record in rush to oppose Barr's attack on encryption

3 arrested after Pearl Harbor guard smells pot, finds mortar

Facebook removes video recalling western media's past approval of Soleimani - & demonetizes page that posted it