The impeachment machinery grinds on, distracting from the outright theft of Syria's oil and the ongoing trickle-up economy leaving most Americans scrambling to pay their bills - scrambling too much to read up on the nature of the boot crushing their necks, which is totally a coincidence of course. There's no such thing as conspiracies, haven't you heard? To say otherwise is to be guilty of "conspiRACISM" (i wish i was kidding).

October 28: Fail on a Hill; Scarborough pitchforked; Pelosi taking it legal; socialism for the rich, capitalism for everyone else

Katie Hill resigns amid House ethics probe based on newly-minted #MeToo rule

Scarborough slaughtered after suggesting 'lock him up' is excessive 

Pelosi announces 'unnecessary' vote to legitimize dead-in-the-water impeachment probe

**Millennials increasingly back socialism, but the US already has socialism - for the rich

October 29: Sweden wants moar migrants; reach to impeach; Catholic priest shuns Biden; New Knowledge morphs into wild blue Yonder

Sweden's government website beckons more migrants despite crime wave & stretched resources 

Impeachment resolution drops, but Republicans say it's not enough

Biden denied communion over constantly-shifting abortion views 

**Bot-hunting (& bot-cultivating) firm changes name to ditch reputational baggage

October 30: Pop goes the police state; Twitter out of politics; climate change causes political impotence; Green Zone red; unfunny comedians

Family denied compensation after Colorado cops blow up their house chasing a shoplifter

Twitter's Dorsey declares they're out of the political ad game, sliming Facebook while dodging regulation 

Ex-Cali gov blames Trump & "climate deniers" for wildfires, ignoring PG&E pyromania

Rocket lands in Baghdad's Green Zone amid anti-government protests

Science says men funnier than the average woman; righteous indignation from unfunny female comedians ensues

October 31: House votes impeachment on; how to enjoy your holiday in Cambodia; Starbucks hates white people 

House Democrats vote to move impeachment inquiry forward

**Solo female travelers of Instagram are luring young women to their doom (& ruining it for the rest of us)

Fired white Starbucks manager sues coffee behemoth for racial discrimination

November 1: Blade Runner is here now; Google has your health data; HRW hypocrisy; the green is a lie

Blade Runner was set in November 2019. The reality is even more dystopian

Google buys Fitbit, forking over reams of customer health data to the ad machine

Human Rights Watch director fears for Chilean protesters' eyes, but couldn't care less about Yellow Vests' or Catalonians'

The only thing "green" about most eco-friendly products is the profit margin