Truth is disinformation, according to the establishment's pet academics, who have revealed they plan to work hand in glove to vastly expand the range of deplatform-worthy behavior in the runup to the 2020 election. If you aren't already on alternative platforms to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, get there. The days of free thought are numbered if we do not organize.

August 19: A (sm)army of one, don't touch that tanker, Trump Tower trolling, crocodile tears from repulsive reptiles

Ex-Clinton staffer on one-man crusade to deplatform Trump campaign ads

US warns 'allies' away from liberated Iranian oil tanker lest they abet 'terrorism'

Trump trolls Twitter with "Trump Tower Greenland" image

Epstein lawyer decries "American gulag" where wealthy pedo was held

August 20: Trump tantrum; truth is lies; Google collusion; Trump slams non-dual loyalty Jews

Trump cancels meeting with Denmark PM in fit of pique over Greenland refusal

**O HAI 1984: academics redefine disinformation as 'truths arranged to serve a purpose'

Google researcher calls out Hillary Clinton for setting up shop in Google's pocket

Trump attacks Jewish Democrats as ignorant and disloyal, but sure, dual loyalty is just a trope

August 21: Call him Cassandra; Pentagon lusting after ultrasonic missiles; California sieg-heiling; Trump to world: clean up my mess

Ted Cruz predicted Trump's Denmark tantrum would go nuclear (in 2016)

Pentagon axes Boeing missile defense upgrade for bigger, pricier missile defense upgrade

California water polo team caught sieg-heiling on camera again after administration attempts coverup

Trump wants India, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey, even Iran to clean up US' mess in Afghanistan

August 22: Animal rights or right-wing? YouTube embraces Hong Kong color revolution; an ideal gift for red-baiting family; Israel's itchy trigger fingers

Zizek sees "right-wing ecology" behind disingenuous Belgian ritual slaughter ban

**YouTube joins Ministry of Truth in crackdown on channels opposing Hong Kong color revolution

'Monopoly Socialism' bears no resemblance to socialism or monopoly, so conservatives love it

Israel plotting to bomb Houthis to keep them away from Iran & prevent peace from breaking out

August 23: Trump ups trade war ante; old-school hegemon embraces new; Bannon's propaganda pratfall; creepy uncle Joe's dementia on display

Trump declares further tariffs after China responds to latest increase

Bank of England governor calls for 'Libra-like' 'synthetic hegemonic currency' to head off China dominance

**Steve Bannon unveils China-demonizing propaganda film complete with decapitated cats

Biden fantasizes about Obama being assassinated, creeping out town hall & internet