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The US has become the economic equivalent of a raging crackhead who regularly shows up to the local strip mall, sticks his gun in the clerk's face, and walks off with a ton of stuff on credit while leaving a stack of IOUs in his wake, promising to pay for his purchases at a later date. The crackhead doesn't actually produce anything (except borderline-illegible IOUs), yet the stores have all tacitly agreed to respect his IOUs because if they don't he won't just shoot up the one store, he'll shoot up the whole strip mall, and surely it's easier to just keep him happy - after all, he's got a high credit score, and surely he'll pay everyone back at some future date.

Humanity is hurrying toward an ignominious end; it's like our leaders are finally waking up to what a mess they've made of things and knowing they can't fix it within our lifetimes have just opted to nuke the whole species and get it over with in the hope they can avoid having their names go down in the history books as the parties responsible for this heinous mess.

February 1: Blame the victim; sue the planet

Belgian PM blames anti-lockdown protesters for swastika graffiti

UAE establishes 'space court' to settle off-planet corporate disputes

February 2: Bitchin' in the kitchen; predator/prey harmony

British man arrested for running soup kitchen in East Sussex park

Robinhood & corrupt hedge funds finally succeed in pushing GameStop stock price below $100 

February 4: Redefining 'small business'; thinking with the small head 

Roman Catholic Church got $3 billion in 'small business' Covid-19 aid

Be careful what you wank for: Pornhub promises to fight abuse by spying on users

February 5: How fake is your socialism; lying like a rug for fun & profit; modern-day slavery; extreme failure

AOC pleads with Twitter to shut down "Ocasio-Smollett" meme after her Capitol lie exposed

**Covid-19 flipflops from Fauci & friends keep people scared & stupid by design

Nevada lures Big Tech to desert by offering a chance to relaunch the 'company town'

**Pentagon desperate to purge 'extremists', but what does it think soldiers are?

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The newly-minted, certifiably batshit Biden administration has already made clear its Orwellian intentions. The "ministry of truth" in Ukraine worked so well we're going to have one here too! Our Mirotvorets clone is also going to be stepping up its activities, using the skulls of dissident journalists to practice curb-stomping. Between the full-throated encouragement to go forth and rat out your brother/sister/mother/father for protesting the conditions of their imprisonment, and the population's chilling inability to recognize that the "truth" they're being sold today is the polar opposite of the "truth" they were voluntarily spewing at the top of their tweet-lungs yesterday.

(For those who don't believe they're imprisoned, pack a suitcase and book a flight right now for Paris, or Hanoi, or Moscow. I'll wait.)

I'm seeing literally hundreds of posts talking about how everyone a particular person knows is suffering off-the-charts levels of (non-OMFGVIRUS-related) memory loss, fatigue, general disorientation, etc. I'm not looking for these posts, just stumbling over them on the way to something else. Is this happening to everybody? Are we so terrified of impinging on the malady-space we're told belongs exclusively to the Lesser Saints of the Great OMFGVIRUS? Would you let Bill Gates perform brain surgery on you? Why not? You allow him to make global health policy in by way of the WHO and Gavi - surely you wouldn't mind skipping the middleman and letting good ol' Billy have a go at your gray matter? I mean, what's the worst that could happen?

January 25: So i herd u liek Nazis; Google union goes global; hogs are hedging

Godwin's Law left in dust as ABC pundits screech with last stab at Bad Orange Man

Don't Be Evil...unless it would help your bottom line, says global Google union 

Reddit day-traders square off against hedge funds declaring GameStop stock DOA

January 26: If you see something, snitch; hoarders without borders; down with biased teeth; Buzzfeed swoons for neoliberalism

**Twitter dupes users into volunteering to attack ideological foes with 'Birdwatch' fact-checking

Judge backs Texas challenge to Biden's deportation freeze at southern border

Penn State dental school gets huge cash infusion to...fight anti-LGBTQ bias in dentistry?

**Buzzfeed licks corporate boot with bizarre paean to AmazonAppleGoogle's censorship power

January 27: Stick those masks where the sun don't shine; doomsday scientists miss the good old days of duck'n'cover

Two masks good, three masks better? CNBC misreads study, boosts infinite masking

Doomsday Clock lingers at 100 seconds to midnight, blaming 'online lying' about Covid-19

January 28: AnOtHeR iNSurRecTioN?!?!; how to lie with statistics; happy Year Zero!

70-year-old man arrested near Capitol for unregistered gun & 20 rounds of ammo

Covid-19 cases fall 35% since Biden confirmed in inspired burst of statistical trickery

**'Never Forget,' except when it's convenient: US' fascist present must learn from its past

January 29: Cuomo enjoyed killing grandma; Congress says burn the witch; stool Britannia; no capitalism for you; Spotify doesn't like your tone

Cuomo dismisses concern about miscounting care home deaths because he's still guilty

**Congress declares war on pro-Trump congresswoman for daring to have opinions

UK champing at the bit to climb onboard China's 'anal Covid-19 test swab' express

Robinhood reins in Reddit day-traders as GameStop wins lose its hedgie pals' money

Spotify will snoop on users' background noise, tone of voice in totally not creepy patent

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Watching the rash of "righteous teenager snitches on parents for protesting at Capitol" stories surge to rival the "OMFGVIRUS doubter falls terribly ill, realizes all those hypochondriacs are anything but, so went to a party and now dying of OMFGVIRUS" narrative, it seems like we've got a Children's Crusade in the works.Too bad it's against the wrong people, as usual. Never trust a pod to do a human's job. In fact, never trust a pod, and humans aren't looking so great either these days. Where are the Darwin Awards when you need them?


January 19: Diversity or die; ex-Moonie embraces OMB cult; Haspel out to torture another day; free speech isn't free

Biden hires trans PA health director whose Covid-19 orders killed tens of thousands of elderly

12 National Guardsmen sent home ahead of Biden inauguration for visiting 'extremist' websites

Cult expert says all US in dire need of deprogramming because Trump

CIA director 'bloody Gina' Haspel resigns a day before Trump leaves office

**Media establishment scrambles to redefine 'free speech' (or scrap it entirely) after Capitol riot

January 20: 100 days of facediapers; how dare you democracy; Twitter says obey; Antifa's never happy

Biden kicks off term with pledge to implement 100 day 'masking challenge'

Biden's new Israeli ambassador 'accidentally' adds Gaza & West Bank to his remit

US Chinese embassy locked out of Twitter for touting its "family planning" record in Xinjiang

Antifa smash up Seattle & Portland post-inauguration, demanding 'revenge'

January 21: Small businesses screwed; Amazombies want to vax you; more Patriot less Act; no one trusts untrustworthy thing; how dark is that winter really, Joe?

1 in 3 American small businesses can't pay rent, & it's not just restaurants anymore

**Amazon will help the US get those experimental drugs into your veins, exec pledges

Civil liberties won't survive another Patriot Act, Greenwald & 'squad' agree

Fewer Americans than ever trust mainstream media - but that's their fault, journos say

Biden warns half a million Americans will die with Covid-19 by February

 January 22: Gates wants to be your AI boyfriend; FBI complains deplatforming makes job hard; cleanup on aisle Kamala

Life imitates Black Mirror again as Microsoft offers to reanimate the dead as chatbots

**FBI laments that deplatforming 'domestic extremists' makes it hard to spy on/entrap them

**WaPo caught removing cringeworthy prison joke from Kamala Harris profile


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Just a little public service announcement reminding you of the real purpose of that vaccine they're suddenly willing to shovel free booze & drugs into your face to get you to take (surprised they haven't tried to bring the junkies in with a "free heroin injection," but I guess they're worried about confusing the needles)

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are killing grandma (and grandpa) at a rate similar to the OMFGVIRUS, but the narrative managers are conditioning us to forgive, even expect this - as if it is our duty to sacrifice our elderly relatives for a sickening simulacrum of Science™ (not to be confused with science, which abhors dogmatism and is devoted to forming, testing, and discarding hypotheses until the truth is uncovered). We've known this was coming since before these jabs were a twinkle in Tal Zaks' or Alfred Bourla's eye - even the most fervent vaccine cheerleaders understand the raft of complications that come with coronaviruses, which is why Zaks and Bourla both sold their stocks to cash in before the truth could get out. Antibody-dependent enhancement is real, and it's why they ran animal trials (if they did them at all) concurrently with human trials. It's a lot easier to conceal a raft of dead monkeys or mice when you're focusing the cameras on "William Shakespeare" and the rest of the "lucky" shot recipients.

...and with that out of the way, on to the news...

January 11: What if they held an insurrection & no one came; after they came for the Trumpers; judge a book by its cover

Law enforcement stakes out Twitter HQ for Trump raid that never came

Facebook locks out Ron Paul without warning for violating 'community standards'

Stanford scientist insists facial features can be used to determine political views

January 12: Sowing division for fun & profit; rats & the sinking ships they love; reeducation hurts; Fredo's latest fail

Big Tech is the one sowing division, Trump says after internet-wide deplatforming

Yelp lets users join Snitch Nation by ratting out businesses for Covid-19 violations

Facebook restores PressTV page with 4mn followers after supposedly 'final' deletion

PBS lawyer filed after boasting about coming 'reeducation camps' to Project Veritas

Chris Cuomo forced to eat own words as praise for 'impolite' protests fits Capitol raid 

January 13: Orwellian use of 'Orwellian'; bloody Samantha regains Power; de Blasio beats virtue drum; HSBC will jack your $

**Media establishment goes full Orwell by telling you you're using 'Orwellian' wrong

**Samantha Power as USAID head signals a return to 'humanitarian bombing' neocon agenda

NYC virtue-signaler-in-chief says city will cut ties with Trump on ice rinks, carousel

HSBC will confiscate your bank account if you don't mask up

January 14: More masks, less brains; Poland grows a pair; perils of child stardom; Kushner's detail held it in forever; NYPD screwed

**NYT goes full Animal Farm with 'one mask good, two masks better' propaganda

Poland slams politically-motivated social media censorship with new freedom of speech law

Macaulay Culkin embraces fan petitions for digital removal of Trump from Home Alone 2

Jarvanka's Secret Service detail wasn't allowed to use any of their 6.5 bathrooms

NY AG sues NYPD over handling of George Floyd protests

January 15: Vaccinate or die trying; working out is illegal bc we need your fat to kill you

Vaccine Credential Initiative brings together Microsoft & other scum to track you with vax passport

EC president von der Leyen springs mandatory vax certificates on Europe without warning

New Jersey gym's bank account drained amid legal fight with state

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The exquisitely choreographed raid on the Capitol is being used as a launch vehicle for Patriot Act Part 2 which itself is being used as a shortcut to the Great Reset. Professional scumbags like the Transition Integrity Project are foaming with delight at the chance to implement penalties for thoughtcrime/precrime/whatever 'brain damage' they can come up with to pathologize OMFGVIRUS dissenters, using this supposed attempt on the life of American democracy (spoiler alert: this does not exist) to ram through unprecedented surveillance powers. Don't want the experimental OMFGVIRUS vaccine? Don't worry, Cuomo is already using it to experiment on 'undesirables.' Give them the person and they will give you the crime (and the experimental "treatments" for that pesky brain damage causing such criminal insanity). 


January 4: Hack yourself; please don't throw me in the briar patch; cheese-eating surrender monkeys

SolarWinds hack came from within US, FireEye admits - while still blaming Russia

Cuomo threatens hospitals who don't vaccinate at max capacity with fines, no more vax

Trump jeers at Republican 'surrender caucus' for not backing his election crusade

January 5: Security theatre minus the security; studying the obvious

US intel insists latest SolarWinds hack 'only' affected 10 agencies at most

Researcher's study finds trans athletes remain stronger 2 years later; author pretends it doesn't 

January 6: Failing upwards; nobody loves Guaido; too little, too late, too planned

**Western governments couldn't have handled Covid-19 worse if they tried

EU backing away from faux "president" Guaido as even Venezuelan opposition drops him

VA & DC leaders belatedly send National Guard & state troopers to Capitol riot

January 7: Antifa's realer than the Easter Bunny; Musk has more $ than God; lawyer playacts scruples; WhatsApp laughs in your face

NYTimes finally admits Antifa is an actual group - while defending its actions in DC

Elon Musk surprised to find he's the richest man on earth (Rothschilds say what?)

Lawyer spontaneously develops conscience just in time to flee Trump team over Capitol riot 

WhatsApp says cough up your data to Facebook or GTFO not-so-encrypted platform

January 8: This is (not) what democracy looks like; professionally offended take offense; Pelosi's nuclear nightmare

**Big Tech's blanket censorship of sitting US president dispels any illusion of democracy

Professional whiners Sleeping Giants demand app stores ditch Parler over 'incitement'

Pelosi combusts over baseless claims that Trump will nuke something

January 9: Americans don't know how to protest but they take a mean riot selfie

**Social media's memory hole sucks in events AND people. Resistance must happen elsewhere

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