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It's been 70 years since George Orwell's 1984 showed the world where it was headed if it didn't wake up and stop allowing malevolent propagandists to whitewash the heinous crimes of government and choke the independent spirit out of western populations. Instead of heeding this cautionary tale, the ruling class thought "hey, that's a great idea," and the rest was history. "War is Peace"? See: UN "peacekeeping" forces picking at the corpses in Bosnia, Sudan, Cambodia, Rwanda, and over a dozen more nations, showing up in war-torn areas bearing the gifts of rape, murder, and further exploitation. "Ignorance is Strength"? See: "media literacy" initiatives backed by the military-industrial-surveillance complex. Ukraine's US-backed fascist regime even established its own Ministry of Truth, operated by the folks who established the journalist-doxxing Mirotvorets, to resounding international ridicule shot through with a faint tinge of envy from more "democratic" regimes. But then, "democratic" doesn't mean what it used to...and neither does "freedom." Indeed, "Freedom is Slavery" appears to have become semi-official US policy...

The end-game of this linguistic torture is spelled out in 1984, but in case you don't have time to re-read that classic which now should by all rights be filed in the nonfiction section of whatever bookstores have survived the Great Amazon Purge, i spelled it out in this article. The Party's aim is not that you willingly parrot their patently absurd 2+2=5 to please them, or out of fear; it is that you cease to understand 2+2 could ever equal anything other than 5.

Also, some recent media appearances...

False Flag Weekly News with Kevin Barrett, May 31 - discussing the international embarrassment titling itself the "Deal of the Century," the march(es) to war in Iran, breaking treaties (and hearts!), the "other" Rapture Mike, learned helplessness enshrined in law, Kafka incarnate, truth in advertising, and unidentified false-flagging objects.

INN World Report with Tom Kiely, May 2 - covering the latest in censorship, the identity politics tar pit, efforts to legislate a losing argument, the ignominious, drawn-out death of the Russiagate cult, the #1 threat to world peace today, and the ancient art of using a nuclear bomb to kill a mosquito.