Is Cuomo's reign of terror really coming to an end? It would be nice to get some good news for a bit. Unfortunately he'll be charged with sexual harassment rather than culling the state's elderly. And just in time for the introduction of the Freedom Pass, which rivals even the Patriot Act in terms of its spitefully ironic naming. 'tis easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle than it is to upload even the most well-documented, high quality content to YouTube and have it stay there for more than 24 hours. The propagandists hate competition, especially when their own work is so shoddy and threadbare. Imagine actually being one of these third rate sycophants! No wonder they hate us so. You can't buy creativity, no matter how many times they try.


February 16: Withdrawal sets in for Orange Man Bad crew; never trust a scumbag (unless you're with the GOP?)


Yet another Trump lawsuit as congressman insists he was deprived of his safe space


**The ruling class all but fed us to the woodchipper. Why are we trusting them to pull us out?


Robinhood CEO hiding out from 'angry client mobs' awaiting testimony before Congress


Poll finds Trump lovefest in 2024 primary as ex-president preferred by over half of GOP


February 17: Mars is blushing; Cuomo bristles when caught; Fauci welcomed into fraternity of fucktards


Musk can have Mars, sniffs Gibbering Gates, pledging to wreck earth's infrastructure next


Cuomo threatens to 'destroy' Queens assemblyman after his elderly killing spree exposed


**Fauci joins Israeli scumbag chorus alongside Kissinger, Blair, & Jimmy Wales


February 18: Bootstrap bathos; Every Single Time; Amazon trafficks traffic; Fredo ditches his beloved; Spring Break for Slothboi


90-year-old woman hikes 6 miles in the snow to get vaccine that will probably kill her


Israel prepares to throw open the doors to normalcy as thousands forge its vax passport


Amazon meddles with traffic lights to stymie warehouse unionization drive


Fredo slinks away as Andrew Cuomo comes under fire from FBI & even de Blasio


Ted Cruz self-owns, caught flying with family to Cancun amid massive power outage


February 19: Racism wins the class war; NYT wants you scared & stupid; ISISrael wants your job; animals more equal than others


Systemic racism lasts until average person is lifted up - not black elite, says John Barnes


**NYTimes warns readers not to think critically, lest they realize they're being lied to


Ziofascist astroturf group attacks UBristol prof while his employer meekly corbyns


**Some lives matter more: pro-Trump group barred from painting BLM-like mural in NYC


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